Before I had my stroke I was running between 3 and 6 km a day. Since I have not tried to run but have done a little jogging on the spot.

Yesterday I went into the swimming pool. I had to use the disabled changing room and was with a personal trainer. 

It was liberating.

The water offering resistance but helped with stability. Did lost of  walking exercise, arm exercise, jumping etc.

Did a little actual swimming (very tiring)

Actually very reassuring that I could swim breaststroke with a symmetrical action. Pre- stroke muscle memory must have kicked in.

Definitely something I am going to keep up and would recommend to anyone 


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Well done Jane im looking forward to going swimming not swam for a year due to covid had second tia February which has affected my arm hoping to get stronger when swimming

I just look into taking my hubby swimming

Do you have full movement of your limbs my fella can't use left arm and little movement in left leg