Success at last!

So so happy that I've finally done my driving assessment and got positive feedback. I just need to wait for the DVLA to receive the report and give me back my driving licence then hopefully I can try to get back to some form of normality ? it's been a long 18 months of waiting.

That’s great news well done, that’s the one thing I’m dreading is the possibility ornery not driving again 

Here's hoping that you will be able to get back driving again, it's a long slow process with the DVLA and unfortunately I'm not the most patient of people but so glad I kept pushing. Good luck x

Yeah same here lol. But I only had my stroke 8 weeks ago so getting used to the idea of it taking some time as getting back to some normality wil also do the same. Going from being healthy and so active to a stand still. But a day at a time I keep telling myself. Glad your doing so well and hope it continues 

It seems to have taken sooooooo long!  But glad things are looking more positive now.  Time to plan your route for your 'first' drive ?

That's fantastic news Katy well done for persevering. I'm so pleased for you, 18 months is a long time to wait, think a lot of people would have given up.


Good news, well done with your perseverance. 

Allelulia! Thank heavens for that.  Good for you with sticking at it. A lot of others would have been worn down with the wait so great news.