Sublux shoulder

Anyone else have this? Does it interfere with healing? Its painful, but i can still awkwardly lift my arm but still do not have much hand movement…i wonder if this is contributing to my non movement…

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Hi Elizabeth 1 my left side was paralysed after my stroke in May 22, and my shoulder has been frozen ever since. Its painful at times although it is definitely hampering any potential movement in my arm and hand. My physio has organised a cortisone injection in it and a referral to my local muscularskeletal clinic for specialist to look at it.

Perhaps a chat with your physio would help?


Ues, thank you @TRFCANDY53 i have c a “give mor” sling that is very complicated to put on. My doctor says the shoulder does this because of gravity, and not to wear normal sling as it can cause other issues…

I have to go for xrays too…

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Good luck with those, and please let us know you get on

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