Stroke specific rehab gym

Today I attended the first session at a rehab gym that only caters for S S's. When I got there I saw no fancy machines just wall bars with notices on them . Saying Lunges / wall press ups etc. Then we sat down and started the usual seated exercises.  Having been lulled into a  false sense of security the excercises started in earnest.  Marching on the spot, wall press ups, walking up and down the gym. No sitting down if you can manage it and marching on the spot while waiting to move to your next station.  I have not been so tired after a gym session ever. No fancy stuff nothing you could not replicate at home. Totally brilliant looking forward to next week already.  The other ladies and gentlemen so supportive of a newbie. 


Sounds good Kay. I go to a ‘normal’ class three times a week, but we are all 60 plus and many have various ailments. We start off with senior aerobics and this routine changes every six weeks. We then have two rounds of ‘circuit training’ but these are fairly simple ....4 exercises, a minute and a half per exercise and done twice. This is followed by 4 different exercises. We end with seated Tai Chi for about five minutes. Mark, our trainer, encourages us to do everything to the best of our ability, but not to take risks. It has really helped me no end.

Sounds amazing, I've seen Tai Chi on the telly and read bits and pieces.  I believe it's really good for balance training particularly. 

Like you I also attend an ordinary gym. At the moment I can't use all the machines as everyone else does. I'm sure like you I'll get better. But today's class didn't use any machines but encouraged me to use muscles I'd nearly forgotten about better and for longer.  And because we all have mobility issues I didn't mind if I didn't do the excercises perfectly.  I was so proud of myself for not sitting down unless the excercises called for it. I'm also aiming to attend the gym 3 times per week.  Twice to the ordinary gym and once to the stroke rehab gym. If you'd ask before my stroke would I join a gym. Chances Bob Hope and no hope. What a difference one day can make!!!!!

Sounds like you’ve had a proper workout. I might have a look at that for myself. It sounds like it was hard but good fun.


I did and it was. But it was really simple stuff. Tapping your foot then both feet alternating.  Marching for 1 minute on the spot. Doing press ups with your hands on the wall 1 minute etc. For me it was the standing to do the exercise and not sitting between. I did have a snooze for an hour this afternoon. Hope you can find a class near you. ????⛹  

Im a frequent gym attender as part of my ongoing recovery, Id really recommend Yoga and pilates if you have mobility issues, the instructors are very accommodating and initially always offered easier alternatives for me. Having a strong core is im sure one reason my walking  improved a lot, therepetitivee and controlled movements Im sure help the brain re adjust.

I also think variety is important so i try other things too, its the physical aspect i focus on, but the emotional benefit from relaxation are considerably helpful too.


Robert. Stroke is very, very scary, but you have survived. Please try to stay calm, talk to those around you about how you feel and seek counselling if you need to. You will find many friends on here who know how you are feeling. Feel free to open up and ask us anything.

Exactly what John says (he is a kind and wise contributor). Many of us are here to share our experience with you. Only another stroke survivor can really know what you are going through. I promise you that things improve. Your amazing brain will make progress. For now its rest and ensure you get enough water for your poor boiling brain to use.

Best wishes to you Robert,


You are very lucky to have such a class. I have nothing like that nearby. I do find aquarobics helpful and pay for a specialist A.R.N.I trainer to visit my home.