Stroke Olympic games

Over the past few weeks I have suggested tasks that might be included in the stroke Olympic games.  I have a  new one defrosting and emptying the deep freezer.  I'm hoping to buy a new fridge-freezer and therefore need to dispose of the old chest freezer.  It was bad enough pre-stroke post it's a nightmare. ??❄❄❄

A worthy competition! What a job, Kay. I bought a frost free one and it has been brilliant. Although it was more expensive, it saved so much stress trying to defrost the freezer before the contents defrosted. I think they were in competition with each other.?? I used to defrost my Mam‘s for her and that one was horrendous. It had wire racks that were capable of frosting before you returned the contents and closed the door ❄️❄️ I used to wish it would cease working then she’d have to get a new one but, like My grandfathers clock, it ticked on until,,,,,you know,,,

Hair-dryer!  That does the trick usually!! Saves stabbing solid objects with a sharp implement ? Then buy a frost-free version, quite a few companies take the old one away for you, check before you buy.  

This time last year, my freezer stopped working and defrosted itself - problem solved, yuk. 

Are we having winter and summer stroke olympics?  That could widen the range of events, but I've switched my brain off today, so nothing instantly comes to mind - except brain-freeze of course


You are funny! Yes, hair dryers and bowls of hot water and Marigolds to protect from frostbite! Would JJM be allowed to not use his wonky hand? Otherwise he might walk away with the freezer attached! Has the freezer got to be run down? - good excuse to chomp on the cakes and ice creams ? ? before the start. Munch munch. 

Oh, the washing machine has finished but too cold ? to peg out. Off to sort it out. ......


Funny thing the new one is frost free!!!

I disconnected mine by cutting the lead off, then performed the most elegant of moves (silver if not gold medal already) removing the door. It is an upright. The door makes a good side for one of my compost heaps (manoevering the door down the garden and setting in place....bronze medal). Now i use the freezer to store stuff in the garage. Needless to say, I store cat food.  

Getting it taken away has a price and in any case unlikely to find anyone willing to do that job. Council helpfully say they wont take any freezers.

This does my poor brain no help at all.


Kay, I have just competed successfully in One Hand Pastry Rolling and Mince Pie Making.

Got to be gold! 

Ah, but do we see the results? I made a lovely cake yesterday and sent a virtual piece to a friend. But I can’t enter these competitions ??as I’m not SS,,,it is gluten free, though. 

I agree Veronica definitely gold medals all the way ???

Another gold medal winner ???

Colin that's a gold ++!!  

Gold for technical ability, gold for artistic interpretation, and surely gold for flavour.  Your stamina and perseverence put me to shame, I've changed the bedding but that's about it today.  

Enjoy your yummy mince pies ? ? 

Feeling smug as Veronica and Nicabella are disqualified so us SS win every time.

Not only am I not an SS, I have no talents, so I'm no competition!!  

Veronica and I are cheerleaders - ooh la la!! ?

Here you go



Ooooh, I love your Australian ones. ?  Well done John. Much better than I could do. If I pop down to yours, could you make some for me, please? Yum yum! Thank you for posting (ha ha) pun!