Stroke identification

Hi. Does anyone wear a medical alert bracelet/necklace or a sunflower lanyard on a daily basis or when out & about? I wear a necklace everyday as I have gone back to work, but feel awkward about wearing a sunflower lanyard when out & about even though my vision has been impaired slightly by my stroke .

Yes I have one. It is a sunflower lanyard - red lanyard (dual purpose) which indicates hidden disability and medical alert (that is because I am on blood thinners). The plastic pouch holds the sunflower card and my blood thinner card in the back side of the pouch. One of the reasons I wear it is because I can freeze in busy areas due to my difficulty in processing the information I see in front of me. By that I mean I get confused with people moving around in front of me and it can send me dizzy. Most moderate people can see my badge and give me some space.


Thanks. I do have a sunflower lanyard but don’t always wear it. I too get a bit anxious when there is a lot of people around. It does make me realise that I was once oblivious to people who may have hidden disabilities.

I wear my sunflower lanyard unfortunately mine broke don’t know where to get a replacement

I got mine through Amazon.

Hi, I got mine from sainsbury’s last year

I have a sunflower lanyard but never thought about a medical alert for my blood thinners. Will look onto that.

I have had a few occasions lately where I’ve not been able to get out the words I’m trying to say & I’m hoping the lanyard helps people understand why I appear to have frozen.

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The blood thinner I have prescribed is Dabigtran Etexilate (Pradaxa). This comes with an alert card in the pack. The card is cedit card size and fits neatly into the pouch on the reverse of my sunflower disability card. Previously when I was on Warfarin, my GP supplied a card.