Stroke group

Today I went along to my local stroke group for the first time. I was really anxious about maybe getting upset but there was really no need. The people in the group were so lovely and welcoming. I now feel slightly less anxious about meeting people I know, I think I’ll be able to cope with their questions about how I am, how things are etc.

So for anyone else out there wondering whether to join a group or not - just do it you will be so warmly welcomed by likeminded people and like me you may feel a bit less isolated.    


Congratulations!  That's a big step.  I haven't gone to my local group yet. It is held on the same day I had my first lot of stroke rehab physio.  I didn't have the energy to do both with just an hour between.  But going to give it a try next Tuesday. Glad you found your group so welcoming.  Hope you're having a good day Kay x

That's great to hear Ann.... x

Well done Ann, a good move.

Tears flowed on my first visit but as everyone understood it was all OK.

The group was like  a warm blanket wrapped around me.

I agree that many of us should give it a try. Nothing to lose, if you dont like it say thank you and leave. They really do understand us.


Thanks Kay, you really must try and get to a group near you, I think it will help you feel less isolated it also helps to meet people face to face. We had a raffle as well and I won chocolate so that was a bonus.

I saw a message last night at about 11:30pm between you and Colin but when I closed this site down to find a link I wanted to send you  the site mustn’t have saved what I’d written, I was so cross. The link is to a guy called Gary Maddison and he has lots of hypnosis sessions on YouTube. Have a look on line as well. I think he’s really easy to listen to. They may just help on those nights when the stroke kicks in, you know that night time is always the worst time.

Hope today has been better for you.


Yes I feel like I’ve turned a corner, mind it took a lot of nerve to go - I wouldn’t have had any second thoughts about going before the stroke but lately I feel so lacking in confidence.  

There were no awkward questions like you sometimes get from friends just a warm friendly welcome. We had a raffle and I won chocolate so that was a bonus. Will definitely be going back next week.

l hope everything is ok with you, sending you a warm blanket.



Thanks, I wish I’d joined them weeks ago but the effects of the stroke were a bit too raw then.

hope things are ok with you.


There's chocolate!!  ? now you're talking xx

How lovely, so pleased for you, have a good evening xx

There’s chocolate as well can you believe it. 

I read last week that dark chocolate ( at least 70% cocoa solids) is good for the memory. Funnily enough I can’t remember where I read it, probably on line, but I’ve prescribed myself a square a day.

Hi Ann, 

A bit up and down day. Good at the moment. I've had a look at the videos on YouTube.  They seem very interesting and I will definitely be listening to one or two tonight.  Thank you so much for the info. I hope my group has a chocolate raffle prize.  Maybe if they advertised that I would have made more effort to get there. ???? xx


That's a properly laugh-out loud moment!!  You need chocolate now!!  xx

Thank you. I will cosy up to my blanket.

Unless of course my adored cat decides to cuddle... No chance.


Glad you managed to find them, hope they might help a bit, they do for me. He has a bit of a Liverpool accent which is quite soothing. 

The chocolate is lovely by the way. I read the other day that dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) is supposed to be good for your memory. You only have one square a day - I’ll let you know in a week if it is.

Take good care of yourself.


I’ve just had today’s square - I’ll let you know in a week if it helps.

Thanks! Look after yourself too.  As a research nurse I look forward to your results of your testing.  Chocolate improves the memory.  Or it makes forgetting stuff taste better.  Win win xx

I attend my stroke group religiously. We have such an amazing time, nothing but jokes. Myself and another guy are young SS but you’d  think the senior ones were younger. 

Our stroke group co-ordinator is amazing. She’s given us space to bond and become friends. 

Give it a go if you can!