Strange Words

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone said things they tried not to say? By that I’ll tell you all a little story of what happened to me recently.I had some visitors round for drinks and a meal .As a reasonably good hoast, I was asking what everyone would like to drink? Wine everyone said, so there I was having difficulty trying to uncork the bottle, then I said it! I can’t take the (the r was replaced with a c ) out! Realising what I just said, and hoping no one heard me I tried to correct myself, and said exactly the same thing again. This time there was a awkward silence. As a SS l do find it difficult to pronounce some words, and other similar words come out instead, has this happened to any of you lately? 




Can't match that - priceless!!  Wish I'd been there, I couldn't have kept my silence  - you have to laugh at these things, (don't you?)  ??

Emotionality and aphasia. Could well be the suppressed outburst. The guy in my ward could only say "no" which he clearly replied to every question. He was so distressed by it.

Hi NicABella,

I was a bit red faced, but It didn’t matter how hard I was trying to pronounce the correct word, it was still coming out wrong. Yes, looking back I do have a bit of a chuckle. I think I’m ok now ??


Hi Colin,

That’s interesting, at least he’s not saying anything rude! ?



Hi Brugge, 

I do it all the time, in the last few days days, I have spoken of my illegal heart beat, the national crust,going off at a tandem, and under water heating instead of under floor,  mostly I recognise that I have said the wrong word and try to connect it, oops there I go again!  Correct it. Anyway I keep my husband amused and yes we have to laugh. Take care have a good day.  Lyn x

That sounds like me each and every time i talk! My kids think its hilarious,  its worse when im anxious or tired. I often come out with swear or inappropriate words but not meaning to. I think humour is an important thing so i try to laugh about it. Its part of the new me now (dont get me wrong,  i have my moments of frustation because my sentences are so muddled and want to just cry). My speech therapist keeps reminding me to speak slowly but its hard sometimes when it wants to just come out .laugh

Hi Lyn,

It seems you’ve got it worse than me......? lol


Hello Sunshine,



yes  wink

At least emojis won't let you down!!

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Yep you’re right

emojis are reliable! ? even upside

I often say the wrong words at work and people laugh at me strange thing is I think i have said it right. 

My Mum had a stroke in October 2018. It appeared to only affect the left side of her vision in both eyes. She often says the wrong word now, but most times realises what she has said and laughs about it. However, her main frustration is that she cannot complete crosswords like she used to. She says her mind goes blank when thinking of the answer to the simplest clue, and often cannot even fill in skeleton crossword squares evenly to begin the crossword.

These situations are all very common post stroke.  Penno11, has your Mum seen a speech and language therapist?

I'm 18 months post stroke and say the wrong words daily.  We just laugh about it and because we've been married so long, my hubby can usually finish my sentences anyway!  One thing which I found amazing was sometime over Christmas I spoke a complete sentence word for word 'perfect' backwards. I can't remember what I said but the best thing was he looked a bit puzzled, paused and then answered me! He understood. It's the first time that's happened but you do hear of people speaking foreign languages fluently when they come out of comas which never ceases to amaze me how fantastic brains are!

A few months after my stroke (which happened on the left side) I used to find it difficult to say the right words. Although i could speak clearly, i used to say dishwasher instead of washing machine, buttons instead of snacks etc. Often i wouldnt even realise i said the wrong word but my family/friends used to correct me. The difficulty I'm facing now is to come up with the right word to say. I used to be very confident talking before, but now i feel like even when i try to be as confident i am failing to make sense. For example, At work we are currently interviewing people for a role, when i ask them a short question, im okay. But if i ask a longer question, i struggle to make the sentence and i feel like i am not making much sense. This makes me feel a bit let down and a bit less confident. Does anyone else feel this too?

I always get the fridge and the safe mixed up.  So when hubby wants the keys to somewhere - he knows to look in the fridge and, of course,the tea is in the safe - just needs cooking!

Me too Colin

You never know who might want to pinch your tea! ????

You can always get new keys cut. ???? xx