Strange Words

I get words that start the same mixed up sometimes. Asked my nephew once if he wanted coffee on his chips instead of curry. It's like my mouth is a split second ahead of the brain - it knows how a word starts, but without confirmation from the brain about how it finishes, it takes a best guess.


I also get names mixed up, even if they don't sound the same.


In the early days, people used to correct me. Now they just accept my foibles, and work out themselves what or who I meant.


It doesn't bother me any more. I just accept that this is something out of my control.

That's a great attitude.  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff! 

Plus I bet some of your conversations are more interesting as a result ???

I've not had the problem of saying the wrong word but have several times failed to find the word I have broken into a conversation just to add to it. 

Since I have to practice mentally what I plan to say and then wait for a small gap in the chat to get my piece in, it is quite infuriating! Last week I did it twice with the same bunch of people, so I quickly added the word to my phone's notebook. When my next opportunity came round I had the phone in my hand to make sure I could get the word out. 

What price vanity!



Well! I haven’t had a Stroke but I still have problems with words. Sometimes I do spoonerisms such as carping the par, others I’ll do a malapropism, like when I went into hospital to have my first baby I had to be seduced! Lol!! 


He,Deigh, no vanity involved! When in company it’s always difficult to interrupt a conversation! 


Yes, indeed, pre-stroke I could hold my own in a conversation well, in fact I had just got interested in after-dinner-speaking since being asked to talk about my life story at a Probus meeting. There is no way I'm going to get back to that level but I mix with an interesting bunch of people at the local museum and I try my best to contribute to the conversation. They are all very accepting of my shortcomings and patient with my efforts to say words like RURAL and PRESCRIPTION.


I have logged on to My Stroke Guide for the first time to try and find information about aphasia apps for a smart phone, for someone in a communication group. They are supposed to help you find the right word. Has anyone tried them and can anyone recommend one to start with as there are so many to choose from?