Starting drining caffeine again

Since I had strokes in January and February 2023 I have given up caffeine - mainly because I was in hospital in the Canary Islands for a week, and I don’t really drink coffee and they didn’t offer tea. I’m not a cola drinker. So I’ve been drinking decaffeinated tea quite happily and its usually available in cafes etc. I’m now wondering if it’s worth trying regular tea in moderation again. My fuzzy head feeling has returned in the last few days and I wondered if a couple of cups of regular tea in the mornings might help with that. If anyone else has experience of starting caffeine again after a period of not having any I would be interested. Thank you.


@Pinch i limit my coffee, tea intake to 2-3 small cups per day

Yes, I was just thinking of a couple of cups of regular tea in the morning then decaffeinated for the rest of the day. Im just wondering (and a bit concerned) about what the effect on me will be after giving it up totally for months.

@Pinch I drink caffeinated coffee every day. Probably 3 cups maybe 4 alongside some fruit teas. I still have a fuzzy head but pretty sure nothing to do with caffeine though.

Try reintroducing it gradually and see how you get on.


I am a coffee morning and afternoon tea man. Neither in the evening or I never get to sleep at bedtime.

Personally I don’t think it will make a blind bit of difference to your fuzzy head, it didn’t for me! There’s about half the amount of caffeine in tea compared to coffee. And even that depends on the type of tea/coffee you are drinking and how long you brew tea for.


I drink coffee all day freshly brewed highly caffeinated
if it’s having an effect it’s a permanent one
I don’t think I stop for long enough for the effects to have completely dissipated. I do drink juices as well during the day and I don’t drink coffee after about 5pm but that has nothing to do with ideas about insomnia it’s just that the lifestyle isn’t coffee in the evening

I guess in short what I’m saying is you’ll only know if you experiment with what works for you and then probably you’ll have subjective suspicions rather than objective fact.

Remember a little of what you like does you good


Hi, had my stroke in 2020 then again in 21, stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol sadly! just have decaf or green tea now. I need to keep blood pressure down so this is something I can do to help a little, just makes me feel a little better x


Hmmm it’s food the thought. I think I’ll do some blood pressure readings after I’ve had coffee to see whether it is affecting my blood pressure


Did you have any effects when you started drinking tea again after giving up for a while?

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The question is, have you ever felt any noticeable in yourself after any breaks from tea/coffee in the past when you gone back on it. If the answer is no, then it’s highly likely you won’t feel much of anything going back onto them.

To be honest, I’ve never given it up before or had a break. I think I just need to try 1 cup at first and see what happens.


And that’s the way to do it. If it’s going to have any effect, it’s only going to be very minor and will wear off quickly.


An update - I have started drinking caffienated tea again - starting slowly with just my morning cuppa and now with tea up until midday. It seems to have had no negative effect. Ichecked my blood pressure for a week and the average reading is 110/77 which is classed as healthy on the NHS website. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on this.