Sports massage


I hope this might help someone….

I went to a private physio (after being told by GP, I was wasting my time and money! GP said nothing could be done, I should just go home and hope it eased with time. I am 6 months post haemorrhagic stroke) and the private physio recommended a sports massage for the issues I am left with post stroke of sensations (heavy , pins & needles etc).

And wow….after masssge pins and needles were gone and 2 weeks later they still aren’t back :grin:. My “heaviness”issues got slightly worse (what I would have called a bad day pre massage) but they have eased off a little over the 2 weeks post massage. Was back today for another massage :crossed_fingers:heaviness might slowly subside as nerves are stimulated.

Going to try reflexology next week for foot sensations….I will let you know my thoughts.

I know this won’t work for everyone but might be worth investigating.

Has anyone else found a “help” for sensations, either massage or anything else ?


Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about the benefits of massage as my symptoms are similar to yours two and a half months after cerebral bleed stroke - heaviness, numbness, tingling and freezing sensations in right arm, side of torso and, to a lesser extent, leg.

Was it the same Physio who gave the sports massage or is that not a physiotherapist’s job?

Let us know how the heaviness progresses and how you get on with reflexology.

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My first massage was done by physiotherapist, who also gave me a couple of extra exercises to try. I am not sure if today’s person just does massage or is a fully qualified physiotherapist but they work together.

Would be interested in contacting your sports masseur , if possible. Vic Gregory.

Apologies for late response

It was the same person, physio and for sports massage.

Still get heaviness but it is reducing very slowly (unless I am imagining it lol). Last session she did my foot too, as my foot sensations had changed to what I can only describe as a piece of material being stretched tight. She said any change in sensations was good sign. It’s been 2 weeks since the foot massage and the tightness has definitely reduced .

I wasn’t impressed with the reflexology as didn’t notice any difference .


They are in Aberdeen, they are called Total Endurance Sports. My physio is Fiona.

Let me know how you get on :grin: