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I love that, friend!

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@Rups you’re reminding me of 50 years back when I had an exam in school part of which was a thesis on the Works of Charles Dickens. Unfortunately I didn’t get round to reading any of them until the night before. Try that :laughing::laughing:. Needless to say I had to revert to my childhood at exam time and ended up in desperation doing a piece on the Works of Enid Blyton :joy::joy:. @IanM


In secondary school, our English teacher requested we write a synopsis for each chapter of the book that was currently part of the curriculum, To Kill a Mockingbird. I asked my teacher if I could choose my own book and she said yes. I chose Mervyn Peake’s The Gormenghast Trilogy. I handed in my assignment, a synopsis for each chapter, all one hundred and twenty-two of them. She let me sleep for most of the English lessons after that :joy:, I would say, “Miss, do you mind if I doze today?” and she would answer in the affirmative. I liked Ms Smith, she was a writer for Mills and Boon, but if you met her, you wouldn’t pick it.


Now why didn’t i think of that when I was in school :rofl::rofl: