So tired

Hi every one, iv had a really good weekend with my husband and son. We went to whitby glamping ( we live in south shields). Its about an hour and a half in the car and i drove my husband doesnt drive. Im afraid to day and last night its catching up. Im absolutly wrecked. Im at work and cant wait to get home. It was a lovely weekend though. Ayisha.

Thats an impressive trip. Well done Ayisha. I love that area from Whitby and down through the Moors etc. 

If I have an active day then the next day is awful, and the day after that is poor. I always rest on Sundays. The temptation is to do loads on Monday then crash on Tuesday and suffer on Wednesday. So I try ever so hard to do less on the Monday. That is so hard. I cant restrain myself very easily. But I am learning.


Thanx. smiley