So Day 1 on The Mediterranean diet

So I started back at the gym just over 2 months ago about the same time that I started taking Amitriptyline for the nerve pain in my leg.  Whilst I have many benefits from going back to the gym, I have also noticed I have put on half a stone in weight!  I know that muscle weighs more than fat and I can see the difference in my shape, I'm baffled as to why I'm not losing.  Apparently, the nerve tablets make you put weight on - great!  Anyway after much discussion, reading and investigating, I'm a good candidate by the way I eat (which is very healthily and always has been) for the Mediterranean Diet.  Day 1 today so fingers crossed.

Hi Brenda, well done for all your exertions at the gym ? very impressive!  I have a friend who takes Amitriptyline as a 'gentle' sleeping tablet!  Maybe that could lead to weight gain?  However you're a lot more active than my friend!! The muscle weight is a bit of a disincentive, but ultimately a strong core etc is better than the alternative.  Enjoy your new shape and know that you're probably far healthier than many others.  

Enjoy those sumptuous Mediterranean flavours, can't beat them - even better when combined with a Mediterranean holiday ?? xx

Hi Nic - I thought being on a baby dose (low doses are for nerve pain) I might escape the weight gain but hey ho.  Better than a numb leg all the time! The most noticable difference is on my back. I've finally got rid of the bra overhang!  I agree that they do make you sleep. I was told that though when neurologist put me on them. I take mine at 6pm and by 8.30pm, I'm ready for dozing off.  I sleep for a good 10 hours now with a couple of trips to the loo.  It's also got rid of my leg cramp too which is an added bonus.

My yoga leader suggests I might have "burnt" nerve endings. hich could explain my moderate pain in the legsand feet. She has helped me to work on straightening my bones and joints with some considerable success. She has also suggested a mineral water that has minerals in place of the tonic water I used to take for cramp. Well so far so good. Cramp has reduced and sugars in tonic have been abandonned.

I need 7.5hours sleep and if I dont get that amount then eveything seems to hurt or not work. Christmas has destroyed my sleep routine so I have to work hard to get the routine back. I am so jealous of your 10 hours.

I find weight control easy. OK I put on a few Xmas pounds but now I am confident of losing a pound or two each week until I get to my target 11stone. I wish I could send you my weight control and you could send me your sleep pattern. I guess we are all blessed in differing ways.

Best wishes


Everything seems to be a very complex balancing act.  I guess we'd need a degree in bio-chemistry to even begin to understand it all, ultimately you have to find out what works for you, and where you're prepared to compromise ? !!  

Enjoy the day whatever you're planning, stay strong and keep those smiles going!!  ?? xx