Skipping for excersize

Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd get myself a skipping rope and it has an option that you can use short 1 ft lengths with a small rubber ball on the end to assist it to go roundwhich attaches to the top of the handle. As I moved my arm and wrist I found that my left hand and arm didn't go round the same as my right. In normal use it didn't seem that different. But I can see how the stroke has changed the strenght on my left side, but I wont give up. I can use it indoors which is useful. They also have a counter and calorie counter included in the handle.



Dear Sandie

In my determination to get some recovery I ignored "left sided weakness". If I could walk then yipee. If I can get up the loft ladder then double yipee etc etc. Now I am paying the price of ignoring the left sided weakness. We need professional physio to get us moving properly. In simple terms my right side has been stretched beyond breaking point and now I am suffering the consequences.

Your skipping rope drew attention to your left limb and its great that you have noticed. Do try and get the physio. I think I left it too late.


It’s never too late for phisio just get lots of warm up stretching first Tx