Silence isn't always Golden

I am going to try and word this in a way I hope at least one person understands.

Post stroke, my head is so silent.

Pre stroke, I would always have thoughts running riot, “ooh what shall we have for tea/”. “Hope the weather is good the weekend to paint the fences” etc

On seeing something online I would think "I bet XXXXX (my granddaughter)would like that.

Just anything! Unless someone is talking to me, my head is just SILENT.

Is it just me???


Didn’t your head just say to you “hmmm, something’s different maybe I should ask those folk on the forum if they’ve found the same thing?”

What I find is I constantly think “next time it’s a nice sunny day I can do x or y z”, and when it’s a sunny day I look at x and y and z and think when it’s next raining I can do I’ll do a or b or c" so whatever it is whether A to Z it never gets done :frowning:

I’m currently sitting in the sun in the garden looking at a tray plants to go into the flower beds - BUT I’m going to send this message and then I’m going to spend 10 minutes putting at least one of them in!



Early days, Dido

Your good old self is still in there, perhaps hiding, or perhaps, a little bit still in shock? In time, you’ll poke your head out, and you won’t be able to shut yourself up … you’ll be talking everyday to yourself and anyone you can get a hold of.

Good luck, and hope it’s back to normal soon, ciao, Roland


I had that initially i think it was probably just too much effort to think of anything. In time it did return though & now sometimes I wish it would quieten down again. Give it time it should start to come back again.