I was buying something recently and was asked to provide a signature. I warned them that it would be a waste of time as every time I try to write my signature it is different. It was then suggested that I practice. I replied that I had been practicing for nine years and could still not write joined up ( Cursive ) writing, only print in capitals and very slowly and short bits before my and cramps up. I have very poor fine motor control in my right ( dominant) hand.
In the end, the person said to just forget it and found it funny that I couldn’t write. I felt humiliated but kept it to myself but I wonder if they would laugh at someone in a wheel chair because they couldn’t walk?
Has anyone else had problems with acceptance of their signature and so, how did you react?
I have written to the Sales Director of the company ( Using e mail on my computer! ) suggesting they need some disability mitigation and training.
Richard K

This may help

@Richard_Kefford really sorry to hear you experienced that. That’s not great customer service at all. I have got myself a hidden disabilities lanyard to highlight that although I look ok I still suffer with other issues. I hope the sales director comes back to you with an apology & an explanation of action that they’ve taken to stop it happening again. Best wishes

This was a good thing to do. I am sure any reputable company would act on this sort of feedback and put disability awareness in their training material.

I wear this type of lanyard and it does help to indicate to people that I have some difficulties even though it appears I look well.

Thanks Loshy, good advice!

Thanks J_J Maynard, I’ll follow that up.

Thanks Mrs5K. That is the problem I find, hidden problems. I look OK to other people except when I have to try to do things such as this or open my mouth as my speech deteriorates when I get tired. I’ll let you know if I get a reply from that Sales Director. I won’t name the Company as I don’t think that is fair.