Short break in Wales

Just back from three days in Wales. Am always a bit scared of travelling but always go. Did a fair bit of Bodnant Garden with the help of my partner. He also got me up a steep slope to a disused arts and crafts church and back down again. Very tiring though.!


@John_Jeff_Maynard wow that looks beautiful. Love that part of Wales but never got to Bodnant Gardens. On the list for next time.
Looks like you had a great time & well done on pushing yourself.

The gardens are so beautiful! What a nice way for me to start my day with looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing. :sunflower: :heart:Jeanne

Evening @John_Jeff_Maynard. Glad you got away and Bodnant is a beautiful place. It is hard being out of our normal routines but worth the effort. I’ve just had 5 nights away- first break since my accident, and it was hard for lots of different reasons but we have to get on with our lives don’t we? Thank you for the lovely photos, Julia x

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@JuliaH glad you managed to get away, hope you had a lovely time x

Have a fab time. I do like Wales x


Thank you. We’re home now.

Glad you had a lovely time. You should have popped in for a cuppa :grinning: