Sad mum

Hi all 

my mum has had 2 stokes last august. Today I found her tearful, anxious and worried. My Dad cares for her and the pressure is starting to build.she is a very or was a very independent woman and just sitting day in day out I think is not so good for her mind.

her eyesight has been affected and she is getting better but iPad and phones are still a big problem.

any helpful tips gratefully received 




Welcome on board Rumple

i am male and i dont do crying.....well post stroke i do now !
it is one of the most common problems. I just tried to let the tears flow and not get wound up by them. It took years for the tears to get under some control. Even now i doubt i could go to a funeral. Hooe i dont need to for some time.

Mum being an independent type will speed her recovery a great deal.

A good step forward is to ensure i did not stay in bed during the day. Then to move any bits of me that could move. Luckily, indeed miraculously i could walk so off i went, round the house then round the garden, always being prepared for when i stumbled. I moved every muscle that would play ball. 

can mum do anything to exercise ? 

anxiety and worry are common and more difficult to deal with. Relaxation techniques help. A good nights sleep very important. 

And what about Dad ? I hope he gets outside every day. He needs to be kept fit.

i found the stroke association booklets a big help. Do read them.



Hi Rumple

Really sorry to hear about Mum.  Does Mum have mobility or, if not, if Dad has a car, maybe just a small drive to the nearest drive through Costa for a coffee?  Just being able to get out of the house and smell the fresh air will help to lift her mood and give her a change of surroundings for an hour.  Dad will, as you say, also be feeling the strain. If Mum can't move from the house perhaps someone could sit with her for an hour so Dad can go for a walk or a coffee so he gets a break too.

Is your Mum still getting visits from occupational therapy or any help with exercises at all?  Even the smallest of movements done in repetition daily will help to strengthen parts affected by her stroke.  Regarding her vision, is she still receiving advice from the hospital specialist? Covid is making appointments difficult but if she is getting depressed about her condition, she sounds like she definitely needs referring back to the hospital soon. Your GP may be able to suggest something to help with the anxiety and worry so worth giving them a ring.  Hope you get help for Mum and Dad soon.