Risks and views of a General Anaesthetic after a stroke?

Hey all,

I am currently 12 months after a stroke and although things feel weird, i have practically made a fairly full recovery.

It seems i need a simple op to have my tonsils removed. I am worried about coming off Clopidogrel for a week beforehand, and i guess the anaesthetic itself??

Has anyone had an op and come off it that could maybe put my nerves at ease please?. I kinda need the op as it seems it may be the cause of my excessive snoring so for quality of life i want to try it. As i say i have concerns.

Consultant thinks i should be fine to go back on it day after the op, does that sound like an ok thing to do???

Any advice much appreciated :grinning:


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Hi Adam,

I’m no medical professional, but on Clopidogrel myself. I was told - and later read-up - that it’s an antiplatelet drug. It stops certain blood cells sticking to each other. This prevents blood clots but the flipside is you may bleed easier when cut - or when having an op.

Coming off Clopidogrel 5-7 days before an op seems to be the norm. If also taking Aspirin, likely you’d have to rest that too. And soon after a procedure, you can start taking it again.


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I think it’s standard procedure to stop taking any blood thinners about a week before an op. I haven’t had one post stroke myself but I knowca few people who have & they have fared ok.

If you’ve any concerns talk to your GP or consultant. I assume you’ll have a pre-op & upu could ask any questions then.

Good luck & here’s to a better quality of life afterwards for you.

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Have had two operations following the stroke and, thankfully, awoke both times. Had no complications. Speak to doctor about any concerns. Good luck xx


Thanks for the replies all :grinning:… Yeah it was more looking for someone who has come off it for a week, had the op and then gone back on it. @Spacer was exactly what i was hoping for so thankyou.

I just gonna suck it up and get on with it. I need the op, and if there was enhanced risks that much then they wouldnt do it eh??

Thankyou all

Adam :upside_down_face: