Hi everyone sorry no updates for a few weeks been mad busy in work (criminals don't have holidays!!)

I am so proud of my Dad how far he has come, as mentioned before he escaped the rehab home early so he could be home for Christmas.

well that's when the fun started on Christmas Day, I collected Dad whilst mum walked around with Izzie. Left my partner watching the veg!!! 

They both enjoyed the Christmas dinner, gave mum a rest to as she has made it for 50 years.

After dinner my elderly neighbour popped in my surrogate nan for a Christmas drink. It was then I asked my dad if he wanted a drink, reply "just a glass" this went on for 5min I thought he was having another turn till he said "you best get one for chris"

he then pulled out a full bottle of whiskey from his jacket that he stillhad on dye to a chill ?????? my dad at his best.

He is doing really well pushing himself with physio having bad days but talking to me about them.

if you need a definition for resilience I would currently say my Dad x

Thanks Karen - it's really good to hear from you.  So please your Dad has started the year positively, it's a good sign.  

Keep on keeping on - xx

Ah, thanks for the update, Karen. I kept looking out for your news. He sounds like he is moving forward. Will wait for your next update.