I have many times urged my fellow SS to find ways of relaxing, easing the stress etc. This is my lucky week. My village hall will in a couple of weeks be hosting a beginners course in yoga and relaxation. Just a few hundred yards from my door ! I am in Tendring District, a corner of rural Essex, and we are not covered by the Stroke Association. So this group course is very welcome. The organizer luciaslight are calling it relaxercise classes. I iwll let you know how it goes.

Many thanks John for explaining how I create a new discussion. Wouldnt have worked that one out in a million years. Strokes and computer sublety doesnt really mix. Thank goodness for John.


Colin, Relaxation classes are vital. My exercise classes always end with five minutes of Tai Chi. This involves slow hand and arm movements to relaxing music. I find, after two years, this has really stabilised my weak arm and hand. How this has happened, I assume, is due to a calm mind and slow repetitive arm and hand movements. I don’t have to know how it happened, of course. I am just grateful it has.