Post stroke treatment, paying for care and savings etc

This is one of many questions I have.
My wife recently had 3 strokes and is currently in rehab, making slow but steady progress.
We live in rented accomodation and I have been looking to buy a bungalow to make life easier for everyone concerned with my Wife’s recovery.
I have savings to cover a deposit on buying a property, when the relevant people do an assesment of my finances to see if I can afford to pay for ongoing care, will they take in to account that I need that money for the deposit or will they just think I have the money so I should pay for the care required?
If that is the case I should try and move as soon as possible.
Hopefully someone can help or point me in the right direction to somone I can speak to.
Many thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

@mikeyoung I’m not 100% sure but think they look at your financial situation as it is now. You could argue that it would cost them more in care if you don’t use that money for a bungalow. My advice would be to ring someone like Citizens Advice as they can help with all sorts of financial questions; including things you can claim as a result of your wife’s stroke.
Best of luck.
Ann x

Hi Ann and Mahoney,

Super, thank you… I’ll give them a ring and see what’s what :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.