Post stroke Tattoo

Good Morning, I am new to the forum.

I am 33yo and I had a stroke about 2/3 weeks ago. (Dissection of the Rt cerebellar artery and multiple infarcts to the Rt side of the brain)

Prior to this I was running marathons and generally fit and well.

My question is regarding Tattoos… I have been waiting for months to complete my sleeve tattoos which was booked before this event happened.

I am now on Clopidogrel and Aspirin daily.

I asked my consultant which said it should be ok.

Does anybody have any experience of tattoos on this medication??



@Hunter1 Hi and welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had beed to join us but now you’re here you are very welcome.

I don’t havr any tattoo’s myself but know of many people who have had them post stroke. You need to inform your tattoist about your stroke and meds.

Hope your recovery is going ok.

Best wishes



Hi @Hunter1 welcome to the forum. Ive no experiece either but do know of someone who did have one, in my aphasia group and he didnt mention any issues when he was showing them. Naturally he was on blood thinners too.

Certainely inform the tattooist of your medication as it may affect the tattoo during the process and while its healing. This is due to the fact that blood thinners decrease your blood’s ability to clot efficiently. But I would give it 3-6 months before you do it. You don’t want any more trauma’s in this early stage in your recovery. The first 6 months are crucial to brain recovery, and your body will experience it as trauma regardless of what you think you feel about it. Take care now :slightly_smiling_face: