Positive Quotes

Hi all, I'm a firm believer in the power of a good positive quote. So was wondering what people thought about having a discussion area where we could add any inspirational words, passages or quotes that have helped us along the way ?

Sometimes just seeing some positive words on a page can give us the boost we need to pick ourselves up, and start again.

One of my favourites is - 




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Sounds like an excellent idea to me

It would make a nice change and might lift a few people!

Never under-estimate the power of positive suggestion.  Go for it ??

I have a very simple mantra, which has served me well during the last three years since my husband's stroke, it's nothing really, but it just helped me on the days when life seemed to be imploding!!

"This too, will pass"

Today is the 3rd 'anniversary' of my husband's stroke, a very emotional day, but we choose to look at all the good things which have happened. Finding this site, with such brilliant people offering their support, was the start of the journey forward.

Much love to you all - thanks for being there, Nic xxxx

Smile a lot. Fake forced false or real.

Be positive

you are not alone

I say to myself, 'Come on John, you can do this'

I have had mantras that helped me move on even if my body sometimes refuses:

1) "Every movement counts." (No matter how small, how awkward, how difficult and tiring that movement is - it counts.)

2) "Never give up. Never give in."

3) "Persistence. Determination. Courage. Patience. Acceptance."

They helped/are helping me cope and move on. Best wishes for us all. ☺


Here's one of mine.

You certainly are a star!

Morning all, here are a couple of mine :

Always focus on the things you can do, not on the things you can't.

I spent 12 weeks in a rehab unit and began to think I would never be able to go home. On one particularly  tough day, my Psychologist  said to me  "Every small step, is a step closer to going home". That thought keep me going through many difficult  days.

Stay positive  and stay safe everyone 

Regards  Sue 

Ah thanks Kay, hope you could read the words on the front they don't show up that well on my iPad. It says 'Always believe something wonderful is about to happen'. It was a first for me adding a picture - whatever next  - I've learned something new today.

Hope you're ok today. 


Oh wow...what an excellent start, thank you everyone smiley



Although you are not yet the person you were, remember to be the person you are now

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My quote to myself when things get tough " I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it."


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Time for a positive fix...

I can and I will is a mantra I have used for many years overcoming many different situations.  

I like Louise Hay's quote 'in the Infinity of Life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete'. 

Carpe Diem

Me too Angela!

Here is one that I pass on to other stroke survivors:

"You used to be a caterpillar, now you have the chance to turn yourself into a beautiful butterfly."

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