PIP Claim

I have bitten the bullet and today phoned the DWP to see if I am eligible to receive Personal Independence Payment. Have to say I found the phone call made me quite anxious & bought on a bad headache. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to help me complete my claim form?

Thank you

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I was awarded my claim for PIP. One thing that you will need is as much supporting medical and clinical evidence as you can get hold of. This would be best from hospital Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals who can verify your claim regarding the day to day difficulties you are experiencing. They will not normally accept evidence from your GP. Don’t wait for the form, try to start gathering evidence now.
When you get your form to fill in, don’t try to fill it in straight away but prepare your replies on a separate draft sheet first.
It does take time to do so allow yourself good time. Be careful though, I think they only allow you about 28 days to return your form.


@sunnyday thank you. I have letters from the hospital, physios etc which I will send them. The leaflet they have says not to get any extra evidence from anywhere as they’ll ask for it if they want it. I have all my hospital letters in one place so can find them easily enough. I will take your advice ref drafting answers on paper first as will make it easier to upload… I have opted to do the online form and have 1 month to complete it. Looking at the form I think it is going to take a long time to complete so going to try and do a bit each day. I get very tired looking at a screen for a long period so need to split it up.
Thank you again.

Hello @Mrs5K. I am a little further down the process having applied in November. Be warned it takes around 6 months currently. I sent my form back with a copy of my discharge letter which detailed the list of consultants ( multiple injuries plus stroke) It has taken until last week for an interview to be arranged over the phone with a very helpful guy, medically trained (paramedic) took about an hour and just asked to to elaborate on the details I’d already filled in on the form. I’ve had a text to say the report has been submitted and will likely be another 8 weeks until I’m given a decision. As has already been said just take your time filling the form in, but I was given opportunity to give more information at the interview. Hope there is some worthwhile info there. Good luck but more patience required - a vital attribute for us SS😌 Julia x

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@JuliaH thank you. I had heard it takes a long time to hear. Guess I’m learning the art of patience since my stroke. It’s just trying to ensure I include everything they need in my form. Am going to take plenty of time to complete it. Its good to hear they give you an opportunity to expand at the interview. Good luck with your application x

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Citizens Advice will help you fill in these forms

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@John_Jeff_Maynard Thank you, I see they have a useful guide on their website too.

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All the information and guide you will ever need is in the link below, best of luck. ( You may need to become a member )

@Simon_S thank you for the link. I’ll have a look through.

Hey @Mrs5K. I’m probably going to repeat some of what has been said already but, hopefully my experience will be of some help.
I applied for PIP when I got home from hospital (April 2021) and it took me and my hubby approx 2 weeks to complete the form - this was due to me typing my responses for each section on my phone beforehand (as I couldn’t write very well due to the affects of the stroke to my right side) and also as my hubby was then copying it all on to the form for me.
I didn’t have very much supporting info to provide then as I’d only just been discharged so, the only letter I could send was my discharge summary but, I did provide all of my therapists and consultants details so the DWP could, if needed, contact them directly.
After applying I read online that, on average, PIP claims take 12-16weeks! So, I wasn’t expecting anything anytime soon, however, I didn’t actually get any communications until October, this was a phone call to go over some of the information I had provided, then, shortly after, I received my award letter in the post (I am in receipt of PIP and I got a backdated payment from the date I applied).
Although it took a (shockingly) long time, I would definitely say persist with it if you can. Be patient and do take your time with the form. When completing it, write all of your answers based on your worst day(s) rather than your good ones, make copies of the form and any supporting documents you send (so you can refer to it at a later date if necessary). Get help from your local CAB or welfare rights team if you feel you need it, they have volunteers who specialise with PIP claims as well as the very clear and concise info available on their website (help with appeals too).
Unfortunately, the DWP don’t tend to send updates once you’ve applied, only to confirm receipt and frustratingly, they won’t tell you anything on the phone but, please don’t feel disheartened by the wait and/or if you don’t receive any news.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem, if the outcome is not what you want, you MUST appeal. And this link will supply you with all the information you will need to do just that !! Best of luck.

H @Loshy. It’s not means tested, is all about how your disability affects you. I do not need any help with day to day living (washing, dressing, eating/meal preparation) but am entirely dependent on help with getting from A to B mainly from my husband. I am not hoping for the living component but the mobility one, it all depends on your individual needs. I wish I could have sent a photo of me covered in snow yesterday on my 5 mile return walk to the supermarket with my rucksack, as this is what I have to do now. They will only back date it from the point you apply and as I’ve said previously the current time to get an answer is 6 months. Have a think about it in terms of what you need. Hope that helps, Julia x

PIP is asessed on your ability to perform daily living tasks and mobility issues. It is not means tested and it is not part of the Universal Credit. My understanding is that you can make a claim. Any award is based on those issues I have mentioned. It is a claim for yourself and your husband’s income does not matter in your claim.


Hi Lorraine, the answer is ( sort of ). Becoming a full member gives you unlimited access to a host of information and help that is available nowhere else in the country. Having said that, much information and guidance is available on their site without becoming a member. You should put aside at least an hour and give it a good look. Membership lasts a full year and last time I checked it costs about £12.00 with the discount. I can’t begin to tell you how much information and guidance is there. Many professional bodies are members, including the Citizens Advice Centre, local councils etc etc. Set aside some time and take a look !!

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@PocketD thank you for sharing your experience. Really appreciate it. I had heard it can take 6 months for claims to be assessed. Not great really is it. I have been drafting my answers in advance of completing the form too. Just trying to do a bit each day as there is a lot to work through. I have 2 discharge letters to send them as I had 2 stays in hospital and also a letter from early support discharge team which mentions other referrals I’ve had. I have looked at CAB website and a, currently waiting a call back from them as have a couple of queries. I’m pleased you got awarded PIP despite the long wait. Thank you again.

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@Loshy its never too late to claim and from what you’ve said I would definitely give it a go. Citizens advice have loads of info on their website including help with how to answer the questions. Go for it and good luck. P.s. hope you’re feeling better today xxx

@JuliaH wow go you. Walking 5 miles in the snow. I’m in awe. I made it to the end of my drive the other day :joy::joy:. Like you I have to rely on my husband to take me anywhere so I am looking at the mobility part too. I do have other difficulties so going to complete the forms and see what happens. Good luck with your claim.

@Loshy good luck with your claim. Fingers crossed it is successful.
Really hope you’re feeling better soon. Take it easy and have a lovely weekend too :relaxed::relaxed:

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Hello @Mrs5K @Loshy . Just an update. I got my PIP award letter today several weeks earlier than expected, I was not found eligible as I can walk and follow a route. So here’s to more 5mile walks to get food from the local supermarket which I then carry in a rucksack home, in any weather. Disabled but not disabled enough. Feel like I have misguidedly asked for help that would be wasted on me. I was told to apply for it by the social worker that visited the ward during my 7 week hospital admission. I can’t drive, I can’t work, my vision and balance are such that I feel unable to use public transport which is very limited where I live but I can get to places as long as I walk. Not sure how this works for multiple hospital appointments in a city 10+miles away, physio appointments, seeing friends when I choose to. I am socially isolated without my car. Personal Independence Payment? Still as dependent on others as the day I left hospital 7 months ago. OK rant over. Needed that off my chest. I hope this doesn’t put others off applying as all our situations are different but just don’t count on it. Julia

@JuliaH sorry to hear they’ve not awarded you PIP. I hope you are going to put in for a mandatory reconsideration. So many people seem to have to go down this route to get an award. As if having a stroke isn’t difficult enough. The loss of independence is massive & can cause stress on its own. I hope you put in for the reconsideration. Thank you for sharing the outcome of your claim. Best of luck xx :hugs: