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This is all new to us and not sure what we are doing. We applied for pip and had an interview, got an email saying it had been accepted and not to phone them, today an amount has gone into our bank account from pip. Not nothing from pip to say Jae much a month we will get and on what date. We need to get a wav vehicle for her with I think they call it motorbility but don’t know what to do or how to go about it as we haven’t had any letter or anything confirming that it has been accepted.

@Shauntoomer welcome to the forum. I believe it is quite common to get the money before notification. You should get a letter through the post in next few days. That letter should also tell you what to do about a motability vehicle if you have been assessed as eligible. I think you have to get higher rate on the mobility element to be eligible. If the letter doesn’t say then I’d Google motabiliy and make contact with them that way.
Hope that helps.

I found that any paperwork coming via post does take a long time. I am surprised they still use the snail mail especially when they have your email address.

You have to score enough points on your PIP assessment to put you into the highest bracket of PIP. Only then can you qualify for a car under the Motability scheme. You will probably have to await the paperwork, to find out what you have been awarded. I failed on my assessment by 1 point, but the PIP money helps with petrol, insurance servicing of my car.

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Thanks everyone for the reply. I did get through on the phone to dwp after about an hour and a half. It seems a certificate is on its way in the post ( posted on 9/06/22) but from what I gather we get the higher amount but the cost of the motorbility is deducted from the amount we receive which will leave us very little to live on.

Hi, yes the amount you spend on your car is deducted from your PIP payment. The amount deducted depends on the type of car you choose.

The smaller cars do not require a down payment either, unlike the bigger, more expensive cars. The Motability Scheme also covers the cost of insurance, servicing tyres and breakdown cover.

Hope that helps.
Regards Sue

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The usual process with PIP is to find the car you want, the dealership then fills out the paperwork for the application.
You can find a list of cars available at:
Motability Scheme - The Car and Scooter Scheme for disabled people
I doubt if you will find a WAV for less than the full PIP allowance. You should also be aware that there is an advance payment ranging from £0 to thousands. The Motability site lists the payments and the monthly cost.
You can also look at the RIDC site which lists useful information on cars - which are easiest to access, boot measurements etc.
Do you need a WAV or could you transfer?
Alternatively you could use the PIP allowance to take wheelchair accessible taxis.
Good luck

Forgot to mention. You can also use your PIP allowance to fund an electric wheelchair or scooter.

Hi @Shauntoomer - great that you’ve got PIP.

I noticed that you said a deduction for Motability would leave you with a reduced amount to live on. My understanding of PIP is that it’s a benefit to help with the increased costs faced by people with disabilities and is not intended to cover routine living expenses. I don’t know what your situation is but it might be worthwhile getting a benefit check done by Citizens Advice to ensure you are receiving everything you’re entitled to (even if you’re working).

Best wishes

Thanks everyone that’s been a great help. Yes I think we need a wav as my wife can’t stand without a molift and cannot slide as she one has the use of right leg and right hand.

Motability , yes got full , required pip , can not drive car now, but required mobility scooter. Worth carefully studying benefits, I have decided long term, for me to keep pip money & buy my own scooter. JORDAN, on this site might be chap with good advice. Good speaking David.

You don’t say when your wife had a stroke. If it’s early days you might find the situation changes in a few months. Hopefully she will be able to transfer into a car.
Secondly a Motability car (partly because of the tax) is only supposed to be used for the benefit of the disabled person. It is not a replacement for a family car.