Hi can anyone recommend how to find physio options?

Shwmae @Gbucktrout, not sure, as I had no professional physio and had to do it all myself. However, I would get in touch with the Stroke Association.

@Gbucktrout when I was discharged from hospital I had 6 weeks of home physio from the Early Support Discharge Team. They then referred me on for more physio which I am now receiving. If this didn’t happen for you I would speak to your GP who should be able to make a referral.

The Stroke Association has Life After Stroke centres which offer strength and balance classes and some gyms offer 1 to 1 sessions, but these are quite expensive. I go to three over 60s classes run locally. Hospitals sometimes put on classes too.

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The community group has provided a physio this time but I had none when I had my first stroke. The physio I have is very good.Lilian