Have any of you heard of the term Physiatrist? I have a good neurologist and GP, but my PT and OT therapists told me I should find one of these doctors who often specialize in stroke survivors. They are well-versed in physical therapy and Have an MD to prescribe drugs. My first visit to one was such an eye opener and he knew so much about the body and brain. He gave me great ideas for exercise and possible drugs and relaxation techniques. He was a believer in acupuncture and deep tissue massage.
I had never heard of this type of physician before. He is a bit of a distance away, but worth the trip.
You have to find one that takes care of stroke. There are a few who do mostly sports medicine.


I had to google what one was, but it sounds like a good idea if you can find one who specialises in Stroke


I whole heartedly second that, can’t afford acupuncture, but I do know how to dig in when and where my muscles need it…no pain no gain.

@Outlander i too had to google what one was. Never heard of one but sounds like the sort of person who could provide the help you’re seeking. Be interested how you get on. X


I see one, however, I don’t believe she specializes in stroke. She orders my therapies, and argues with my insurance when they say no. So far she has come out the winner…or well, I have, thanks to her. I am in US so this may be different than for UK.

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@ Hi DeAnn, I’m a NJ boy. All the best, Derek


Howdy, neighbor. Indiana is my home.

I saw a Neuropsychiatrist a few times and then a Neurologist multiple times in Tooting, after a referral by my Stroke Doctor.
I was in a very low mood at the time, and they both really helped. Plus it helped family.
It was more like counselling.
The Neuropsychiatrist could give medication but didn’t recommend massage/acupuncture. That would be interesting!


Physiatrist ? yes ; I would love to find one near me in Bristol