Whatever the size of your camera - from the camera in your phone to a multi-megapixel DSLR, share your images with MyStrokeGuide. Share tips and comments with others. Here's one I've taken of Glastonbury Tor at sunset.


Hi Rick

Thank you for your message, but unfortunately the picture hasn't uploaded properly. Would you like to try again as I'd love to see you photo, I am also really interested in photography! :)

Thanks, Vicki 

Great photo Rick - the colours are lovely! :)

i just had  a stroke  before  xmas  last yr  my passion is  photogrphy  i am no scared  if i chould ever go back to  useing the  camrea  again  any tips

great  photograph  just  had a stroke myself  not even tryed to use  my dslr  just  scared  i can not use it again

I like taking close ups and have done for years with my Panasonic Lumix.  This is an old photo as I have not been out with my camera since my stroke, but now that spring is coming, I am hoping to get out again.

I was also worried about that too, and although I have hardly been anywhere with my camera since mine in September last year, I did manage to get a few of the snow.  Spring is coming now and time to re-ignite your passion maybe with some garden photos, close to home, to start with and see how you go.  I love your B&W image and plan on doing some B&W photography myself later this year.  I am finding walking hard these days, so it might be difficult for me, but I love photography and just can't wait to get back into it properly.  Go for it John123.

Gorgeous photo Jan and I love your profile picture of the cat. Have you got a Gorilla grip type tripod to help hold the camera especially if your balance is compromised at the moment? Love to see more of your work. laugh

Absolutely stunning photo. 

I don't have a decent tripod at the moment.  The one I have is quite heavy and bulky and not easy to put up, so am looking at getting a lighter weight one.  At the moment I just take a "burst" of photos and pick the best one.  So far, so good.

Beautiful photo Jan - I also enjoy practicing depth of field. You have a real talent, it's great to see you're keeping it up post stroke! smiley

Hi John

Maybe look to see if there is a local photography group in your area where you can relearn some skills, and get your confidence back. 

Great photo by the way - where was this taken? 


Good eye! Fantastic photograph! Check your batteries and come out 'clicking'!

Thank you!

When you get the bug take a shot or two of your surroundings - looking out through the window, for example. Use auto, a tripod is a help for holding, or even a soft cushion on the sofa or a window sill. You have a good eye and you will be surprised how much you remember. 

My hobbie is also photography. I haven't been out with my camera since my stroke but have taken some in the garden of the snow. I also have a Lumix. I like taking weather photos and sending them off to BBC Weatherwatchers. I've never got any shown but you never know day! Is your photo Valetta in Malta by any chance? It looks similar - we've been on the horse ride around Valetta.

floance  a few yrs back 

Thank you!

taken in italy florance 

A picture I took a while ago on a New Years morning. Not done much photography since but now got time to try again