Wow! Nice shot! ?

Thanks Rick

Have you considered a  monopod?

Hmm…interesting! ‘Can photography help improve mental health?’

hello  one and all  you  doing  photography  i  my self suffered  a stroke  2017 and with the  group  we  set up  a  hub for fellow togs on face book  called bridgend stroke survivors photography group for the main reasion to connect with other groups so where  we can share  stories  and  help when ever  needed please feel free  to  visit  or join the  hub 

What’s the web link for the group? 

rick its a off group of facebook ,if  you enjoy  taking  photographys or  just  starting  out  your more than welcome  to join 


bridgend stoke survivors photography club

Is it this one?

Hi, I've not been on the forum for a while and whilst trying to find an answer to a question, I found this group. 
ive always had an interest in photography, but following not being allowed to return to work, I've taken more of and interest. 
so here's one of my images with my other hobby 
I always says it's the camera that does the work, I just push the button ??

This is one from a few years ago, pre-stroke, on the most northenly point of mainland Europre.

yesWOW!that is fantastic.where is it?smileyregards Bernadette