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I am absolutely hopeless at still photography, so I applaud all these snapshots. :grinning:


What those of us who have experienced stroke are trying to find.

I’ve hit that button a a few times.
Haven’t had much in the way of results so far.

Took me hours to get the above photo, what with the phone jiggling about and a cloud of dust settling every time I pressed the button. Finally got it some where near. Had to do a lot of photo-shopping, though I use a different and free package called GIMP. That’s half the fun of it. All in the life of a nerd.

For fellow nerds.
This was the picture off my phone, with dust, before tidying up and cropping.

. . . but really no need to go to such lengths, just put up a snap you’ve taken, that’s quite enough.

@EssexPhil you are right. I’ve got the gear, tripods, off camera linked flash, remote control, small home made lighting tent for close ups, etc. No excuse really.
Thing is setting it up and taking it down again is a faff I don’t need. I tend to be more immediate, think it, see it, shoot it, sort of thing. It is only very occasionally I set anything up.
I do appreciate the thought though, Phil, For now I’ll just make do jiggling about with the phone.

Plus its all incentive to do something about recovery.

. . . and again thanks for the comments, they add meaning to all this.
@DeAnn @SimonInEdinburgh @EssexPhil @Rups @Elle1

Keep on keepin’ on
:camera_flash: :laughing: :+1:


yes, I need to take control of my muscle(s)


@pando I came home pretty much immobile and bed bound. I have managed to improve on that and intend to make more progress. On that long recovery path you need to be happy for any small change for the better, avoid getting bogged down in the big stuff and be kind to yourself, you are worth it. Always be ready for one more step along the path, no need to wait.
I know you can do it,

In the mean time, more photos, anyone?

Keep on keepin’ on
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Surely you mean artfully constructed and carefully executed compositions


@SimonInEdinburgh Are you implying that my choice of word was not artfully constructed and carefully executed? :woozy_face: Words fail me … :grin:


Something else that has great meaning for me.

Creamy Rice Pudding, just made and begging to be devoured.

Created y my own fair hand, to boot.

Food glorious food!

I’m beginning to get used to phone photoing.


phone pic in the garden, not sure but i think its red campion and some lavender. hope I’m posting this properly, not done it before.


Walter, our

daily garden visitor; turns up for some seed


Welcome to the forum @Strings :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your photos @Strings, You posted impeccably, the pictures are great and interesting too. I do like Walter.
I had a stroke about 20 months ago, it changed my life but I’m finding ways of dealing with that.
You’ll find friendly folk here who you will meet as you read and post.

Keep on keepin’ on
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Butterfly landed on window, I love them, creatures of transformation x


My favorite! It is comfort food to me! Definitely making this!


Perfect posting of a perfectly beautiful photo! I hope to see more!


Thank you. I have enjoyed basic photography for many years. Somewhere in the house I have an old Lumix G5 if I can find it but I can’t use the stairs yet so my phone will have to do for now. I’m struggling to operate my phone camera but finding solutions like you have to do.


@Elle1 I couldn’t work out what that mysterious colourful ‘splodge’ on the photo was. When I increased the picture size I got it. A butterfly !! . . . and what a beautiful view through that window, too. Thanks for sharing.

@DeAnn I’ll post a recipe elsewhere, later, it is very simple, pressure cooked for a few minutes. It is tasty and creamy. As you say, a comfort food.

@Strings My phone camera is becoming a useful record keeping device. It isn’t so long ago when stairs were between me and the upstairs. I can manage them now, though I never believed I would. I’m sure it is a hurdle you will overcome. I sympathise over camera control, my right side is down and I have had to become a very clumsy left handed trier. Getting used to limitations, determined to overcome them.

Love you all

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :camera_flash:

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:+1: thanks, if any of my postings seem odd it’s because I’m trying to get my head around how the process works. It seems very clunky compared to WhatsApp which I’m used to. Onwards upwards etc.


I find the whole stroke thing very strange. My progress has been slow, but I am optimistic. There have been definite changes for the better over the last 20 or so months and I’m still getting improvements.

I’d like to recover the old me, but must face the challenges and make the most of what I have.

As for your forum posts @Strings, you are doing okay. Make good use of this space, it is friendly and has much to offer. We’ll no doubt talk again but there are lots of others here each with their own story, each with something to share.


I love to see changing skies and the gifts they seem to offer. A reminder that life goes on and there is always the promise of a new day.