Our new four-week exercise programme starts today!

The Stroke Association have teamed up with A Stroke of Luck, a charity that specialises in exercise-based recovery for stroke survivors, to produce a new four-week exercise programme.

These short videos can help you to be more active at home after a stroke; build strength, stamina, stability, and flexibility. Each video has three mobility groups, allowing you to choose what’s right for you:

  • Red group: For those with limited mobility and who may need help from a carer to support movement and exercise.
  • Amber group: For those with some mobility and can exercise independently, but may require support from a piece of furniture.
  • Green group: For those who can exercise on their own, have a good range of motion and are independently mobile.

Being active is a great way to improve overall health throughout your recovery. It can help improve mood and increase energy levels. It can also help reduce the risk of another stroke.

You can watch the videos on My Stroke Guide and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates whenever we post a new video.

This week, we kick off the programme with some strength building exercises:



Great idea thank you. I’m going to give them a try :grin:

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I’ve had a go at the Amber week 1 session this morning. It was harder than it would at first appear but I enjoyed trying. I didn’t manage exercise 3 today but going to give that a try when feeling a bit stronger.
Thank you for putting these together. It will give me some variety to my physio. :+1:


So glad to hear you enjoyed the exercises! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like the sound of this, i’ll have a go over the next few days.


It’s the second week of our four-week exercise programme. This week, our physiotherapists are focusing on improving your stability.

Are your core muscles ready? (I’m not sure mine are after all the chocolate this weekend…) :sweat_smile:

You can find the videos here or check them out on our YouTube channel:

Not sure which group is best for your, check out our introductory video here for more details: Introductory video - YouTube

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Week 3 videos are live on YouTube and our website now.

This week is all about building stamina.

If your carer or a family member is helping you with these videos (or doing them alongside you), be sure they check out our Advice and exercises for carers video. It has exercises and guidance so they can offer support in a safe way (for them and you).

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And that’s it!

It’s the last week of our four-week exercise programme and the last videos have just gone up. We’re finishing the programme with exercises to improve flexibility.

These videos will of course stay live on our YouTube channel and the My Stroke Guide website. So you can try these out whenever you want.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined in and given us feedback. We’ll be using any and all feedback we receive to plan our next videos. :blush:

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Thank you. I have enjoyed doing the exercises. It gave me some fresh stuff to try as well as my routine physio. I will continue to do some of the exercises going forward.

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Thank you so much! :star_struck: Glad to hear you enjoyed them.

I’ll make sure to pass on your comments to the physios. I know they’ll love to hear this.

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hadn’t found these until today. Really enjoying them and they are just about the right lenghth.


Glad to hear it @FionaB1! :relaxed: