OT and physio intervention

Today has been a good positive day, we had the OT and physio in today and after assessing my husband they gave us big hope as they said he would definitely be back on his feet soon, although he has great movement now in his right arm and leg he still literally has no feeling but with lots of hard work we will get their, we go on holiday in July in a caravan and I was feeling very dubious about this but our physio has reassured me that she feels by July he will be able to manage but to take a wheelchair for later on in the day for when he gets tired, I’m feeling so happy and positive right now I’m not sure I’ve smiled as much as this since the day my husband had his stroke x

Wonderful news Donna. Improvement is now on its way and happier days lie ahead. Like many of us, he will have to pace himself and realise his limitations for himself. That said, it’s great that you are smiling again. In the early days we tend to snap at our partners out of anger and frustration at things we cannot do. He will have his down days too, but cheer him when he’s down and remember to look after yourself too!

Hi Donna - really good to hear your positive news.  My husband suffered a stroke in August 2017.  Our annual holiday always comprised a holiday in Italy, driving down through France & Switzerland with our caravan and then spending 3 idyllic weeks on an Italian lakeside.  We could not manage it in 2018 as I felt that I couldn't take the responsibility of driving so far just one year after his stroke.  However, we altered our plans and went over to Brugges during October 2018.  It was the best thing to have happened since the stroke, and it was so good to see how happy the holiday made my husband.  We've also had quite a few outings in our caravan, only a long weekend, or 3-4 days at a time, but the great thing about the 'van, is that it's a home-from-home, so absolutley ideal for resting.  Your holiday will be great and I'm so pleased that you are able to start planning and looking forward to better times ahead.  

Best wishes, xx