Organising and Planning a Holiday!

My partner, Rich had a stroke just over 18 months ago and is now with wheelchair.

We’re now at the point in his recovery and our journey together into an adjusted way of living to want to start thing about taking a holiday together (for next year).

I’d be grateful for any advice, experiences or tips on where to start and how to go about planning and booking a holiday where one of us needs assistance moving around.

Key areas I’m starting to think about are - the right accommodation; ensuring we have all of the equipment we need ( hopefully without transporting everything from home); and options for care assistance whilst we’re away!

Thanks everyone!

Just wondered, surly there must be travel companies who specialise on holidays for those with special needs . Remember seeing canal long boats adapted for wheel chairs. Maybe type in wheelchair holidays on Google. Good luck Pds

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Thx Loshy. I think we’ll start with the UK :sunglasses:

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@Gazfish I’m sure there are companies that do holidays for disabled people. I’ve put a couple of links in below as a starting point for you. I’ve never used them so have no idea what they’re like but no harm in looking.

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Hi, sorry to hear of your partner’s stroke. I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2017 age 57 which resulted in left sided paralysis. I walk slowly with the help of an fes machine. We have had a couple of overnight stays in this country and have travelled to Spain twice.

We have always found to be very useful when looking at accommodation . You can filter your search and look for accommodation suitable for disabled travellers and they have always been very helpful when we have wanted to clarify things over the telephone. I must say it was a couple of years before we both felt confident to travel away but we’re travelling to Spain for the third time in a few weeks and are both looking forward to going.

As someone mentioned, there must be companies that specialise in travel for
disabled travellers.

Good luck with your research and your partners recovery.

Regards Sue


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That’s brilliant- thx so much

Thx Sue. Hope you have a great time when you get away.

I found a company called Byway after reading an article in the paper. They focus on slow travel holidays and do all the booking for you
I contacted them to ask how it would work for a disabled person. They were very enthusiastic about it and after a bit of discussion I have booked a trip to Cornwall for July. I think they are expanding to include overseas trips but have so far focused on UK holidays.

As we are yet to go, I can’t tell you what the holiday was like but they have been lovely to deal with in the booking process, and have taken all the strain out of finding accessible accommodation. I am also a wheelchair user, so this was essential.

It will be the first holiday for 6 years and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to pay for my wife and my son to come too. First holiday for them too since my stroke, so we’re really looking forward to it.
I don’t have the url but if you Google Byway you’ll find them, might be worth a look for you
Good luck

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Many thanks Tony - I’ll certainly do that. Hope you have a brilliant time.

Would love to hear how it goes.