Online meeting NOW CLOSED

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We are CLOSED right now

Next weekly meeting.
Friday 7.00 pm (London UK)

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Hi Bobbi, I tried this but you had already gone :neutral_face: that was at 9.25 pm my time. Unfortunately I am 24 hours ahead or behind you, so can only get on after about 8pm your time.

Jitzi looked very good though!




Aww sorry we missed you. We have a couple from New Zealand join us but it is very early morning for them.
I think the seasonal time changes are making things difficult.
Maybe it will have settled down by next week.
Our next planned meeting is Friday at 7.00 pm our time. (London UK)
At .9.25 we had just packed up.
I hope you will be able to join next Friday, you will be very welcome.
Stay in touch

Maybe we need to look for a time good for everyone, but I don’t know how that would work out just yet.

I suppose I could help you set up your own sessions. You could start up a meeting with me, then I could drop out leaving you in charge and able to have sessions at times good for you. No need to worry about that now, though, it is just a possibility.

Thanks to all those who helped with yesterday’s session.

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Probably a bit early. 9.00 am Monday.

I’ll leave it a bit then sign off.
But if I’m not here I’ll sign back in later.

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