One handed walking aid-trolley combined?

My Dad can can’t use his right arm at all and his right leg has limited movement after his stroke. He used to use a wheeled trolley to carry things around (like trays of food & drink) in the house. That was for convenience, it wasn’t a walking aid. It was fine for several years.
He recently broke his right ankle and is recovering. Now the OT has given him a one-handed zimmer frame / hemi-frame (no wheels) to walk with safely that he can lift and use with one arm. BUT now he can’t carry anything (except in a shoulder bag).
Has anyone come across a walking frame combined with a trolley on wheels that does both jobs and can be used if you only have one arm?
Something perhaps that has the brakes on by default and you have to squeeze something with your one hand to make it move?
Or has anyone else found a way round this situation?

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Hi @g4074 welcome to the forum. I’ve just google images of “one-handed zimmer frames with tray” and there seems to be such a variety out there. I think your best bet would be to talk to dad’s OT to get their advice one what would be best suited to his needs.
I hope that helps and I’m sure others will be along shortly hopefully with more experience in this area :smile:

Hello @g4074

Welcome to the community on this forum.

Maybe something like


I could find plenty of two-handed ones and some one-handed that are just a rip-off price. This seemed to be a reasonable price in comparison got a brake You have to release, a tray and is one handed and it’s in the UK not the US! :-)…


@g4074 hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your dads stroke.

I don’t have experience of frames i’m afraid but I agree with @EmeraldEyes re checking with his OT for the right one for him.

Best wishes


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Thank you very much! I will ask his OT about progressing eventually from the hemi-frame to use something like the rollator with tray and brakes. They are definite that he should only use the hemi-frame when he gets home. I was going round in circles looking at internet pictures of unsuitable trolleys! I now have a picture of something concrete to suggest to the OT for the next goal. For now though, we are all looking forward to him coming home from hospital soon. Many thanks.