Normal cups and minimum liquid leaking

Any hints and tips on stopping drinks flying out my weak side of my mouth and ruining my white T-shirts? Still got a plastic beaker like in hospital and use a straw for anything other than clear liquids unless I’m wear black. Only happened before Christmas 23 so still pretty new to it all yet


@garethc970 I had the same problems after my stroke. A lot of refillable drinks bottles have a spout so you can tip the bottle, insert the spout between your lips, squeeze the bottle and take small sips using the good side of your mouth. This was how I drank my water, tea, everything really. It’s a messy business relearning to drink and eat. Keep at it and you’ll find workarounds. All the best.


@garethc970 @Strings and any others with this problem we share.

One of the others on this forum made an excellent suggestion I read about some time ago, sorry can’t remember who.

When she eats or drinks out she has one of those huge light scarves that women wear and uses it spread over her to shield from the debris that can scatter at mealtimes.

It is easy to keep handy and use when needed. It is neat, doesn’t look out of place and might work for you.

This is a good place to share hints and tips that we have discovered. Some of this stuff can be embarrassing but you are amongst friends here who have the same difficulties.

Always speak up and share.

Best wishes.

keep on keepin’ on

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@Bobbi @garethc970 If I am eating in public, which is not very often, I usually grab whatever is handy to use as a shield against food spilling onto my front. Often there will be a menu to prop between the plate and my clothing, or I use kitchen towel as a makeshift bib. I nearly always carry some clean folded kitchen roll in my pocket for such as this.


Thank you @Strings

All very good tips.
Dealing with being out and about has its complications.
It is always good to be ready to meet whatever the world out there can throw at us.

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Thanks, only regarding drinks really I don’t want to cover myself and shirts


Sounds like a refillable drinks bottle might work. The ones the athletes use either have straws or spouts.

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If you search on Amazon for the the likes of “travel mug/thermos mug with handle for hot drinks” you will find a whole slew of these with various types of drink spouts/straws on them. Very useful for taking small sips you can direct and control liquid with your tongue better once in your mouth, which also reduces the risk of coughing and choking fits some may suffer from.
This is just a small example of what you can find.