Next step of physio

Hi , I had my stroke march 10th 2019 . With all the physio in hospital and when i come home I'm back on my feet , able to do extra excersises now like a rowing machine , excersise bike . But my balance isn't the best . Every excersise for beginners I look for I am unable to do most . I have adapted like star jumps ...I will do high knee marches . Is there anything out there for me . Stroke physiotherapy I had I feel im at the next stage but want to continue to progress as much as I can 

Basic yoga helped me a lot.(sometimes called seated yoga). And relaxation classes.

Try to get your grounding right, eg stand with your feet flat on the floor and imagine the magnetic pull of the earth.

ou are going great guns


In my area there are classes for active seniors which concentrate on all of these. Try googling exercises for seniors.nthey should concentrate on strength and balance.

Thank you , I'm 29 years old so not sure if I'm able to go there , I'll do anything that helps so will ask about that . Thank you for your help 

Yes I think that would be great , I've had a frozen shoulder too so was given a yoga ex to help stretch . I will youtibe some yoga videos , appreciate the help 

Hi, Colin and JJ have shared some useful advice and I guess the more options you have the better you can work out what works for you at the moment. A few thing’s which may provide some pointers and generate options (not in any particular order): ARNI stroke rehabilitation,,, They all show exercises which may be helpful. I have looked at areas which cover brain injury and try not to be restricted by age. Balance is an issue for many of us and may be part of a physical healing of the injury. (I am not qualified only as a sufferer!) As my fellow writers will say, stroke is no respecter of age and progress continues to be made after the injury, but slowly (months and years) and by repeating exercises. Keep up your good work, Pat.