New to the site and had a stroke July this year and I am 36

sorry to hear about your stroke, mines fairly new and you will find great support amd information on here, been a saviour for me

Hello Greg, sorry to hear you've been struck, like a lot of us here, and we hope you find this forum rewarding and positive. I had a cerebellar stroke September 2020, still on the frontline of recovery but making steps, making mistakes, and holding my ground every hour of the day.

Hi Greg sorry to hear you've had a stroke but the site will help you a lot and will keep you positive as much as it can ,pippy 

Welcome to the group ☺️ sorry to hear about u stroke had mine in may 2021 hope you're not too bad all the best des

Welcome to our site. You are among friends. Stroke is a frightening event. Ask anything you want or just let off steam. I am five years post stroke.

Welcometo this site there areplenty of us to help you along.Do hope you soon feel better . Norma.

Sorry to hear you've had a stroke. You'll find there are many people here who can help you a lot and the Stroke association site is very good

all the best Hilary

Thank you,hope you get better  I had mine on 13 th July this year.I came home a couple weeks ago.

Thank you, hope you keep making great progress. Greg


very early days for you yet, had mine in March, just listen to your body and rest when you need to, I didn’t amd tried pushing through things but found out it was a pointless battle and there’s no need to try and rush things.

Thank you,I  had my stroke 13th july.Greg

Hi Greg sorry to hear about your stroke but this site is amazing for knowledge and friendship ,just keep talking and try and stay positive it will help you to heal ..pippy 

I had mine in April this year ..pippy 

Thank you I had my stroke 13th July, yeah there is a lot of areas on the website it goings to take me a while to get used to it.Thank you

Hi Des, thank you I had a stroke on 13th July I'am at home know get people coming round. When I had my stroke it affected all my left side and also some of my right 

Hi John, I had my stroke on 13th July and I have  been home now I think just over 2 has affected my left side and some of my right. Okay Thanks, yeah it has been, hope you are getting better

Thank Greg

Hi Norma, Thank you I had my stoke in July.Hope you are getting better.


Yeah I was always getting lost around the site ,but your be fine are you finding your days are going are you getting enough support ...pippy 

Thank you Greg. As a survivor I fight on. Now you are home, the hard work begins. When I cam home post stroke fatigue was my biggest bugbear. It came out of the blue and has eased over time, but not gone away. It is your brain's way of needing to recover from its trauma. I do hope you have access to a community stroke team and physio. Try to utilise your weak arm and hand as much as you can. Above all, do not overdo things. All the best.