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Hi, my name is Emily and I'm new to this. I had a stroke on October 1st last year, before that I was a carer in the community. I'm slowly coming to terms with what happened and how it's effecting my life. Any advise anyone can give me to help would be much appreciated ?

Sorry to hear that a stroke got you last October, and welcome to this forum.

You are already at 6 months so your problems and issues are probably coming to the fore. Above all, I can not stress too much that things do get better and it is never too late to get more recovery.

You touch on one big issue and that is coming to terms with what happened. Stroking took minutes or an hour or two. In that time you changed. You might have physical changes and they can often be overcome, not easily, but progress can be had, and you have cognitive issues which are more difficult but can be improved.

Please accept that you will never go back to the person you were last September. What you will achieve is a new person. And in some respects that new person may be better than the old.

Recovery is slow. But we must keep at it. A stroke diary can be a big help, reminding what has gone on and just how much you have recovered.

Regret to say that other people just do not understand strokes. Only another SS (stroke survivor) will really know what you are going through.

Do ask about anything. Lots of us are here for you. At your stage of 6 months I was receiving fabulou advice from SS who were further along the recovery than me. A year or two later, I get a lot of comfort from my peer group. Especially a very clever and wise John (Jeff) who always talks so much sense.

So come online and ask about whatever is bugging you.

You are not alone

Be positive



Hi Emily welcome!!! I joined to help support my Dad who has had two strokes. It's a fantastic  site to ask advice or even rant you are already 6 months on which is great. Everyone is different but I must say stroke survivors advice have really helped me and my dad. Although I still can't get him on the internet !!

one thing I would say is take each day at a time and ask for help if you need help no matter how small.

karen x

Thank you for your message Colin, you've made a few good points for me to think about. I think your right about only another stroke survivor can understand what we go through and that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for responding to my message it helps knowing that there is someone who understands how it feels to survive a stroke so again thank you

Thank you Karen for responding to my message, I really appreciate it. It's nice to be able to have someone to talk with how completely understands what I'm going though,I hope your dad's doing ok and gets better soon

Hi Emily, and welcome to the site!  Agree with all information given above.  Sorry you had a stroke, whilst a carer!  How ironic, and a shame.  We all had lives before.  I was 28 and a legal assistant, for example. Overcame total paralysis etc. Others have similar stories.  That's the good thing. Horrible thing to come to terms with, but you can!  We ALL understand, so feel free to offload - any time.   Peace Carole x

Thanks Carole, it's nice to know that I have other people to talk to and offload on, who completely understands, as I know it's hard on my family as they don't understand how I'm feeling more at of the time. But they are trying bless them 

Hi, I am Matthew 

Hi my name is Lynne, also new to the site, newbie and hello.  I had a subanarchiod haemorrhage 1st March, discharged from hospital two weeks later as the hospital was gearing up for the pandemic and utilising hospital beds.  Missing the support as live alone and feel terribly an anxious that it is going to happen again. Worried about what I can and can’t do plus the restrictions of the lock down haven’t helped.  Family are helping as much as possible but it’s a worrying time, struggle to settle any advise please would be greatly appreciated and is what I’m feeling normal.

Hi Lynne, very well done for finding this site - you will receive great support and advice from people who have been in your position.  It has been a short time since your stroke, these early days present many difficulties, stroke is such a shock to the system and there is so much to cope with.  What your brain really needs is rest - this cannot be emphasised enough.  Yes, you will need to exercise, and to try to carry on with life, but if you can give your brain time to rest, it will begin an amazing re-wiring process which will help your recovery.  

I have learned so much from the wonderful people on this site and it has helped me to support my husband following his stroke.  So, keep checking in, as you will soon have words of wisdom from stroke survivors.  They will always be here for you - to encourage, to support and to just allow you to vent all your fears and frustrations.

Take good care, have a rest!!  ?

Sound like a terrific family, awwww.  Sure is good to talk to others, who KNOW.

Welcome on board Lynne.

I think we fear another stroke because, quite simply, the brain didnt like the first one and is determined to get away from another, in the process scaring us all rather badly. I understand that we are vulnerable for about one month, but then we are probably less likely to have a stroke than most people. The medication, the extra rest etc should keep a repeat well away.

Please do remember to keep drinking lots of water. Your brain is in overdrive, whilst it makes the necessary repairs and adjustments. So it is boiling and needs more water.

Do read the stroke association leaflets. They are very good and in plain English.

I slept with the light on for about six weeks and still do if I feel bad.

A major aim is to get full sleep. It took me years to perfect this, but without the right sleep then other recovery is erratic and diffcult. I need 7.5hrs sleep.

If you have any specific fears then do ask, many of us here are itching to help if we can. Only another stroke survivor understands.

I keep a stroke diary, It helps me a lot. I do mine with paper and pencil, but online or WP is fine if you prefer.

Recovery is so slow. But it does come. You will never be the same person you were. But you will be a new person and that might suit you. 

This corona stuff is something we do not need. There are signs that the NHS are making strides for other illnesses, so do not lose faith.

best wishes

Be positive


You are not alone



Hi lynne, what your feeling is natural. I felt the same after coming out of hospital and I live with my 15 year old son and my husband. I was also in hospital for 2 weeks before coming home. My stroke started with a headache on the Monday evening so I went to bed and when I got up Tuesday morning I'd had a stroke, headaches still scare me now and I'm 6 months into recovery. I'm not on here every day but heck as regular as possible so if you ever want someone to talk too the just message me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember your not alone and your a survivor 

Thank you spacecadet! I do have a very supportive family but your right that it's easier to talk to someone who Knows how We feel. It's been hard for my family as they don't understand why I'll just start to cry or get moody and angry over the stupidest things but they do try. The hardest for me at the moment is the pain I've had since the stroke, nothing seems to ease it and I'm on some really strong pain meds but still in pain 24/7 

Hi Lynne, I too had a subarachnoid hemorrhage last April, don't remember anything from the day it happened or the following 5 weeks, you are doing really well to be on here so quickly. I felt really anxious every time I had a sore head thinking it was going to happen again, I found it difficult to concentrate on anything to start with TV, books - I love reading and am now back to it. Good luck with your recovery Katy x

Oh Emily.  Bless you, and thanks.  Know what you mean.  With the best will in the world, our families really don't know the full extent of a stroke.  Of course, they suffer too, though not to the same extent as WE do!  Thankfully, I don't have pain now much, but drugs and many years have cured that.  Hopefully, you don't have to wait as long because, I have overcame total paralysis which, again, took a while.  We all have our 'crosses to bear', and am v v sorry to hear you are still in agony.  Deep breathing and meditation help too, if you can. Love your name!  Be well and safe.  Peace Carole laugh

Hi Katy, thank you for your kind words, yes concentration is a problem but as you and others have said it will take time, I welcome the day when I can enjoy a book again.

lynne x

Thank you really appreciate the kind words of encouragement x

Thank you really appreciate the kind words of encouragement x

Hello, I am Jem. I had a stroke this year near the end of Feb 2020 thankfully out of the hospital before the Cororvirus virus lockdown, has helped me. Walk now with a stick end and out few hundred meters of our village but not too far. Some similar issues I dealt with for my head injury.