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Hello everyone. Im new to this site. My husband has suffered 3 strokes but we have him home now with carers and i am giving him 24 hour care. Its all so overwhelming at times. Our lives have changed in an instant and sometimes i feel so isolated so im pleased i was introduced to this website where i am sure others sometimes feel the same.

My hubbie is a lovely man, relatively young and was still playing 5 aside football before this happened. He is being peg fed and is non verbal at the moment but we are praying and hoping for improvement. Every day we go forward there is a little something in the right direction. A bit more focus or a little response. If anyone has any advice i would be very grateful. I am trying to stimulate him every day. Reading, playing music, playing music videos, reading out the news, showing him photos etc. If anyone is doing anything different i would ĺove to hear your ideas. Thank you.


Shwmae @CB115, I’m glad your husband is at home, it makes a such a difference when focussing on establishing a recovery routine. Three strokes must be quite destabilising, were they clots or bleeds? I had six TIAs and final a strike before stumbling back into things, so I know what it is like to have multiple damage as mine was also bilateral. It sounds like you are doing all the best things. What is done depends on the stage of recovery. My personal advice is to focus on the worst symptoms while the brain is self-repairing but to allow for plenty of rest, and any work done should be paced accordingly. As soon as the symptom seems strained or the brain gets stressed, it’s time to stop. Rest also means sleep.

Positive stimulus is always good. Music is excellent for relieving the brain. I say that while my children watch Sing 2, and I want to leave the room. :sweat_smile:

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I suggest you keep a diary. In future your husband may think he is making no progress so it may be useful for both of you to show how far he has come.


Aye, I second that. I am grateful I kept a stroke diary. I think it is important to also note bad days, and specifics about bad symptoms. These give a perspective on future symptoms when poorly. I recorded things like how long I slept to see the change in my sleeping routine, acute sensations, amount of time I was active doing something … &c.

Thank you for your reply. He had 2 strokes in May. One on each side of the brain. The hospital didnt think he would make a good recovery but he did. Within a month he was up and walking about and trying to speak. He was still confused but was starting to make connections but then he had the 3rd stroke followed by covid and he was very poorly and vunerable and it affected his right hand side. However he stabilised but improvement was very slow. He has been much better since we got him home

Same as me then, bilateral. Both sides of my brain were damaged, more on the left than right. Sounds as if he has a good constitution, I wish him a spirited move forward into the rewards of recovery. I went on strike in September 2020, and am still on strike :grin:

Thanks to everyone for their replies and advice

How awful for you. Great to have your lovely husband home though wow! Stay strong,and LOOK AFTER YOU TOO! Meet with friends, have lunches etc. T-a-l-k! Was 28 when I collapsed with my stroke. Was given weekend to live. Awoke after a few weeks totally paralysed and unable to talk,can you imagine that in your 20s?! Left hospital after a year, ardous physio,OT and speech thereapy,a well as a major heart op and divorce. Thank God for my friends visiting daily for that year = was crushed mentally! Now live alone in a flat virtually independently. Use a walker now, and still have bad days coming to terms with it all. Be strong x


You have melted my heart with your strength and determination. Its so good to hear you can live independently and that you have such good friends. It gives me hope for my husband. Thank you x

Bless you thanks. Big love to you and your husband. Please do not give up x


Hi and welcome to our forum. Always someone on here to offer words of wisdom and advice.

Keeping a stroke diary is a great idea, as progress can be incredibly slow and frustrating at times and it’s great to look back and see how far you have come.

Take care and look after yourself too. Feel free to have a moan or a rant on here whenever you feel the need. We also love to hear about achievements and progress however large or small



Spacer you should text more often, yours certainly was a comeback and and inspirational to us all whatever our issues. I’m pleased you still have youth on your side so May you make further progress .Don’t leave it so long before you post again


@CB115 welcome to the forum. Sorry your husband has had 3 strokes. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things & it’s great that you can see progress. I keep a diary so I can see progress. This helps keep you motivated when progress is a bit slower but also helps you work out what has triggered fatigue / bad days.
Progress should be better now he’s home & he can continue making progress for years.
Don’t forget about looking after yourself too. That’s really important as stroke recovery is a long journey.
Wishing you both all the best. Ann xx

Thanks everyone. You have all helped so much. I dont feel like i am coping alone anymore. X


Does anyone know of any support groups in the south tyneside area? It would be nice meet up with people at a group. Thanks x

Hey. Thanks. There are support groups but couldnt find any particular stroke groups but i will ring the council to find out. I thought a few individuals may have started up there own group that i could join x

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Dont know if you’ve tried this link but this is more specific to stroke support. xx

Yeah. The stroke association are really good. They are starting a group about 15 miles away from me within the next few months and im on the list to join. In the meantime i just wondered If anyone on this forum who lives in the jarrow/hebburn area and fancies a regular meet up for possible coffee and a natter please let me know. X

As always, I’m blown away by people’s resilience and kindness. Spacer, I second the suggestuon to be more in contact with the group. As well as the support given others will learn from you. Magga


Hello, I am a very mild stroke survivor but I also volunteer for a charity called REMAP, making equipment for disabled people and we have helped stroke victims with gadgets and mods to other equipment. It may be useful to you, and others, to look at the web site and see if there is a branch local to you.
Best wishes

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