New life Insurance cover

Following the seriousness of my stroke..  suffering permanent brain tissue death... The insurance policy that I had had for many years covered me for Critical Illness including Stroke.. I have since tried to open a new life Insurance policy, but was finding that because I am now deemed high risk nobody would touch me until I had gone 12 months without having another stroke... I am now 15 months post stroke and still struggling to obtain new life Insurance and Critical illness cover... Has anyone else had such difficulties and are there any good companies in this field that people could recommend as it concerns me that I have still not been able to arrange new cover thanks Darren

Hi Darren

You could contact All Clear, who the Stroke Association work with - their contact details can be found on our website on the following link -

The link does talk mainly about travel insurance, but All Clear do provide life insurance as well.

Hope this helps.


Hi, Andy here I was told  virtually the same issue and I was even told to wait till I was over 50 and get one of those policies for over 50s as it would be more Reasonable I’m not so expensive as if we choose to have these critical illness  hope u fine one ??

Thanks Andy.

Thank you for the information Vikki, much appreciated...   Darren