Need some hope!

Very down at the moment! Trying to be positive  but finding it very hard to see any hope whenever I am put in touch with W a survivor to chat to they are lovely but I seem much more badly affected so it doesn't t really help! Just whinging!!

Jane. These days will pass. Please try to remember how slowly we recover after a stroke. I will probably remain partly disabled, but I can manage a daily walk, cooking and a little ironing. Colin always says, we survivors aren't still here others are not. Every day requires our coping skills. I am plagued by dry eye, partial deafness and the aches and pains of old age, but I do the best I can. That is all we can do.

Thank you just feeling sorry for myself!! X

I get fed up that every one is going on as normal when my

lif has fallen apart!!

Hi janeG56

Hi I think everyone on this site has really bad days and times since the stroke ,it's good that your expressing it otherwise it will effect your emotions by keeping it in and will take getting yourself better longer,as hard as it is we have to trick our minds into thinking we are happy and can cope with it ,which like I said is so hard some days ,but it does help ,you must keep talking to people and expressing your feelings this site is brilliant and everyone story and experience may be different but we have all had our lifes changed ,and you will get yourself to the new you that will allow you to still enjoy your life ,I wish you all the very best and keep talking to these guys on the site .pippy x



Thank you pPippy x

Always here for a chat or a rant ..pippy 


Hi Jane , please do NOT look at this as a negative response,  I do not know your situation. Me 2 years on,  reading lots of your lovely stories of wonderful improvements,  I found myself getting depressed waiting for just some improvement myself, it didn't come . I found this counter productive ! 

Now although difficult, trying to accept how I am , but not some horrible deteriorating illness. Love some improvements , but trying not to compare with others journeys . Worst for me is ANY NEGATIVE or bad thoughts , this encludes above. 

Had to smile today,  answered door to delivery chap, only to go into /  my could not talk or stand mode , just managed to smile at him ! He must have thought me crackers, but just couldn't explain ! Maybe I could put sign on door prewarning people. ?  Good talking David. 

Hello Jane, I have progressed very slowly, in fact, I made a 10% improvement last month, and that was a big one for me. I'm now, eleven months on. Just when I was lapping up my new found 10%, the heatwave struck, and I declined rapidly, as bad almost as when I had just immersed from hospital. It's a rough ride at times, be brave and persistent, try and find those little things in life that offer up some comfort. Every night for me, I have a jiggle of brandy and a mug of Horlicks, if all else is askew, at least I have that to look forward to everyday. 

David, it's very important to keep a sense of humour. I also swear a lot. I can, for example, scrape new potatoes, but holding the potato in my weak hand is like handing a potato to a mad juggler. While scraping, I hold the mad hand over the bowl of water because, sod's law, the potato soon flies out of my hand into the water.

Hi Jane Im always down. I look alright to everyone because my problem is unseen. It is my head that the stroke has affected and it causes so much trouble.. I love walking but cant go far as I walk like a drunk as my balance is awful. My husband has to do most of the housework and I used to be so active I went to keep fit yoga I danced swam you name it I did it. I am now grounded. So try to keep positive and I will  be thinking of you Jane. Best wishes NOrma Jean.

Thank you Norma Jean you sound just like me!

. you sound just like me! 

Thank you . X

Rups. Out of curiosity. What books have you written? My brother has wri 3 books am very proud of him!!


Hi John, similar achievement for me is , breakfast,  2x boiled eggs ready to eat . Without me destroying by crushing.  Thanks David. 

My last book was a piece fantastic fiction, fantasy they call it. Before that mainly pulp science-fiction. Next book is also science-fiction, but I am working on a blended form of fantasy and sci-fi as a novella. Everyone, has a book in them, it is wonderful to hear that your brother has so far three books in him!

My youngest son writes fantasy too! I always wanted to write need to find a muse ! 

Glad it's not just me them the heat is putting me gackmas well had the stroke team today had a good chat. The physio and OT are coming next week to chat about the next step foward is benefits of work or both if I feel as fatigued as I an  now there is no chance. Even the physio says I am not ready  for work. Hope heat goes soon all the best

People may look normal lives etc but we all feel or most do like you mine was a mild stroke balance and coordination but the fatigue is the worst and most people have it who had a stroke. Mine is not bad enough to easily get ESA in the support group but bad enough not too becabke to work yet and if this fatigue does not go I will not be able wife work so means tested benefit are out. So income as gone down about 30% this does get to me but on we go days weeks like this will pass, easy to say but it is true. I am a bit down now with the heat and fatigue and money but we carry-on all the best

Take care and thank you