Need some hope!

Start with poetry, drawing and painting is good too. 

It's easy to jump the gun, I did. Wasn't expecting what knocked me back to knock me back. It can be unpredictable at times. Even talking to someone can get the fatigue going. 


HI Rups , Absolutely,  Sometimes I prefer to give someone a note , time to almost compose what I am thinking & also almost can avoid opening up a discussion. I also write myself endless reminder notes of extremely important things to do ! ? .

Hello David, oh reminder notes! I have a pile on my bedside table, but often forget to look at them! Result of cerebellar stroke, no short term recall. Although, what I am to understand is that cerebellum is connected to hippocampus for spatial navigation and remembering new skills but they don't know quite how it does it. However, cerebellum has a function for our survival memory, so where did I put that spear? Sabretooth about to attack! 

Having ones problems 'unseen' is a standard complaint by survivors. I used to brindle if anyone said "You look well". Then I found out that this was a normal repsonse by others in the same boat. I complained about this to an acquaintance and his solution is by greeting me with "You look terrible" every time we meet.......Thats what friends are for!




Hi Rups , I ,m really pleased to read of your improvements, I have done my pottering , shattered,  resting in bed . Afternoon poss , reading on Kindle,  It works well for me , use large , bold , print & no pages to turn.  Good talking David. 

I have some days when I feel exactly the same, I just find my self crying. Like others who have led very active lives, stroke knocks us right down. My father  had a stroke and was much more badly affected than I am. I saw him unable to work (he was a musician) or drive. Both were his passions. I can only liken the feeling to grief, the loss he felt, I now understand - I can't drive at the moment....I live in hope; I can't get to my allotment.

I don't know what professional support you are getting, but if offered, take it. 

I am in touch with a  counsellor  not really helping sadly! I too want to get in my garden! Feel a bit trapped! Thank you for responding and good luck x

Maybe this is the time Jane, it is wonderful that your brother and son both write. If you have problems with typing, just start recording yourself telling a story. I do this at night before I start working on paper or word processor. 

P.S. Fantasy is a pleasant genre to work in, there's too much reality in this world.

I used to love poetry when I was younger!! So maybe?

Jane. In my first year out of hospital, I wrote a poem a day about how I felt. It helped me enormously.

Jane. In my first year out of hospital I wrote a poem a day to get my feelings down on paper. It really helped me.

Thank you x 

This was one of them


Late Summer joys in

Providing new fruitfulness:

Pears and apples swell


Now in our orchards,

Raspberries and blackberries

Provide their harvest;


Wild plants are seeding.

It is now close to Autumn-

Time to stop writing


Before Winter comes.

I can now walk some distance,

Although brain still has


To make connections

With my weakened arm and leg.

But what a journey


This has truly been.

I have been reborn again

And few get that chance;


So I treat each day,

As a box of new delights,

To be savoured,


To be enjoyed..

I hope that you find your days

To be similar.


We are still here; now;

With all the riches of life

Round and about us:


Family, children,

Lovers, and friends we cherish-

These are true riches-


Cherish them.

Are you the lady with pressure in your  head Jane if so I know what you are going through. I have a lot of days when I feel like that . people think its only your head but it affects everything and makes me  feel very alone. I have had an MRI this morning and am waiting what the neurologist tells me. Best wishes and keep smiling it does work sometimes. Norma Jean.

Not Menot yet anyway!! 

John , coming from an ex  builder ( whatever I mean by that ? ) Great heartfelt poem , very impressed. Thanks David. 

Hello Jane and Norma, 

I too, am due for an MRI for this head pressure (head and neck). I suspect it is nerve related as it has gotten slightly worse due to a compressed nerve in my leg, or at least that's what I think it is. If this is the case, it may have something to do with damage to my brain that needs to communicate smoothly with my CNS. I am only hypothesising, as I do about these things through observation and research. Hopefully, we'll get closer to some answers and a better living standard if we can get to the bottom of it.

Hello Jane I have had this for 3 years now and have forgotton what it feels like to be normal so it is good to meet somebody who understands. I will let you know what the outcome is and hopefully there will be an answer to it. Thanks for replying its nice to keep in touch. Norma Jean.

Hope you find the answers all the best des