My unusual and unlucky battle with small vessell pathology’s

i had a initial stroke over 22 years ago and i learned to cope with my situation well.

through devoice, and to start living life again, with new partners.

learning to cycle long distances once again.

to scuba dive

to start a new sucessfull buiness.

and eventually to re marry in 2018, even to learn to dance for the wedding.

then i have had several small vessell pathology’s (stokes)about 2 years ago.

Now i am struggling to cope and live life

not wanting to go on with life

Now having a why me complex

can you please help on where i should go for treatment

Dear MRWood

I too have SVD

I Had no idea why this was shown on my discharge letter.

Regret to suggest that it is damage to the smallest strands in the brain.

The only route that I can suggest is consider whether your symptoms are Parkinsonian like.

I am now getting a lot of fatigue. Is it SF or not ? Hard to tell.

I too have gone backwards mobility wise. Walking now limited to a few hundred yards. Everything aches.
I had open heart surgery last year and trying to sort out which symptoms relate to which illness is impossible.
Keep smiling.
Think positively
Lots of us out here to support you