My gym/pool membership

I have since joined a gym/swim club run by the Lambeth council where I received a pass that allows me to use the facilities 7 days a week based solely on a referral system be it Hospital/GP/social services .
An amazing set up which I attend 2-3 times a week a place to meet peoples from all walks of life who sadly have, brain injuries /disabilities- be it wheelchair bound ect . .
loving the rowing machine, treadmill, & this machine that with your choice of weights you push which lifts the weights strengthening your legs … I tend to Hogg this machine in particular then there’s the swimming pool where I once was a very competent swimmer/diver now I’m swimming on my back using my legs as best I can to propel me ( not at all with speed) across the water . As well as falling rather than diving into the pool using the spring board … then there’s the cafe which is a great place to interact meet very interesting people was only 2 weeks ago I was telling PDS on this site that I’ve meet a retired pilot of the RAF who had sadly a Stroke 3 years ago so you can imagine the conversations we or should I say … I have
:joy::joy: :helicopter::helicopter: :joy::joy:
Going to my gym/pool is by no means gracefully done what with my tremor/imbalance & always find even that part a struggle but then there’s my determination no not to push myself hard but knowing what with this stroke my body can do with it’s difficulties sadly all on show :flushed:
Planning for a trip to the gym/pool what with dressing/driving/using the facilities for an hour or more & getting back home my body is telling me no-more sleep/rest . That’s the part of the day I don’t enjoy being so fatigued that have no reserves in my body tank to do anything else for the day
taking 2 hour nap & finding myself on an arm chair wakening up .
Arghhh I hate that so much . & yes I’m coming to terms with what I can & cannot do …



That sounds truly wonderful. I’m a bit of a green eyed monster - I do envy you ! !

It must be good for you, your stamina, strength and so on will no doubt improve.

Thanks for telling us about it :smiley:

All I do is watch telly and compute and I gotta admit I keep on waking up realising I just went to sleep again.


@Jordan that all sounds amazing & I’m with @Bobbi and am a little envious. If I spend anytime out the house I suffer fatigue which can last for days so I restrict my outside activities a little as a result.
Go you…Good to hear about all you’re doing.

Hello Bobi
I can fully relate to the tv/computer & sleeping & this is what I so wanted to get out of the habit of doing. yes . Granted all our head injuries are different in allowing us to do something’s with a lot of struggle or a lot less I felt personally with my stroke leaving my with imbalance/tremor& fatigue I very much wanted out of this personal isolation/boredom & my own thoughts that would get me into terrible moods so much so I would swear & inanimate objects . Enough was enough I said to myself & with that I did & here I am using gym/swimming pool . . I’m so aware that since being on this site the various strokes people have been left with & the different abilities they must now sadly endure is in itself a daily challenge that I will be ALWAYS aware of

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That sounds like a fantastic scheme @Jordan, you are very lucky. Like the others I’m rather jealous.

Good for you for making use of the opportunity to hopefully improve your fitness and strength.

A worthwhile way to spend your time.


The place looks great. I’m so glad you’re doing this, Jordan. It will help you improve physically, and maybe more important, you’ll be around other people. That can be as healing as the exercise. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

I have been trying since i went to our local pool to see what i could do, as i have little use in my left side. I have tried to get help without much success. I feel i need professional help to show me how to adapt so i can go swimming again using my right side as i feel it would benefit me trying to use my left but not had much luck. Any suggestions we be helpful. I live in the Stretford/Urmston area.

Hi Brenda
With my GP.a forwarding letter & that of my Physiotherapist mentioning of Swim/gym membership to a gymnasium here in Peckham London called the Pulse I’m able to use both gym/swimming activities free & with my right side which has since my stroke being very weak
I started with floats & water-wings for a few weeks to release the floatation feeling & to understand the kicking motion needed to swim I say I can swim but really I do so on my back with my stronger left side able to do a very good impression of a waterwheel allowing me to kick as much as I can my right side which helps me propel sort of gracefully across the water … & then there’s my diving that’s really just a fall into the water which always seems to panic the pool attendants :joy:
It’s a wonderful therapeutic sensation & attend my swim class once a week to this day I find it more a task than a chore in getting changed & into the water but always feel the reward when entering the pool …
I do hope you’re able to find the help like speaking to your Dr’s/physio’s who may know of the same scheme Im able to use here in London . Let me know how things go Brenda
:swimming_woman: :christmas_tree::swimming_man:t2:


Thank you for your information. I think i might have been going about it the wrong way. I will try & speak to my Dr ( if i can managed to get hold of any one in my medical centre. I tried our local council about any classes for people like me. Even they were a little helpful they didn’t seem to have any at present. Won’t give up even if it means my husband taking me on his own.

e wrong way.

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Hi @ ZXI ( Anne)
It was my 1st day back @ the swimming pool 2day being the new year … yup I & my friends I tell of my attempt of diving into the pool make them laugh also .not quite the aquatic animal I had in visaged :joy: … still the life guards no longer worry as much @ the falling arms & the small tsunami I create when gracefully falling ( oops I mean diving ) into the water . What I have learned as is a great exercise for me is my balance in order to create less of a wave & more of a clean undisturbed even graceful entry into the water ( ask me in a few months time) :joy:
I so enjoy my swim/gym sessions @ Peckham Pulse & long may it continue…
you mention yourself used to dawn a wet suit & how now they would have to cut it off you … that made me laugh :joy::joy:
I’m feeling so much better after the loss of a very close friend I’m always reminded of him when on my park strolls seeing people play rugby/ or throwing a frizbay good memories of things we used to do growing up …
The Harrier was indeed a military jet with British ingenuity that was then used/adopted in Airforces worldwide though it was we Brits that were the 1st originally know as the Kestrel during its development …
only because I can let me say Helicopters :+1:t6::helicopter: way better me thinks :star_struck:

Thank you for you kind words Anne.
B/safe-B/well :rose::rose: