My first half mile walk

Might not seems much but for me it's a big step ? first half mile walk none stop around our local park had stroke about 16 days ago so not bad fortunately it was a mild one still look like a will be off work for about  des8 weeks at least hope everyone is ok


Well done des that's an amazing challenge for you to do ,you should be proud ,I remember my first walk it felt amazing ,well done and keep progressing and keep positive...pippy ...

Thanks des x

Good work Des, perfect weather for it. 

Thanks hope all is well at u end des

I would do this again for a few days then try and go a bit further!

well done Des. I had my stroke nearly 4 years ago. Since then we go a walk every afternoon down a lane and I have gradually walked a bit farther each time. I measure it by the trees.go passed a tree at a time a littler bit further each time on a good day. Its my head it always feel like vertigo all the time. My limbs are ok so I have alot tobe thankful for its my balance that gives me a lot of trouble.Best wishes to you all. Norma.

I also have balance problems especially when fatigue hits me.You are not alone Norma. Jenny

yeswell done.its early days for you but you will get stronger and further.15months after my stroke I'm still improving going further and faster on good days,and stopped worrying about the bad ones.keep it up Best Wishes.smiley

Des, well done! I well remember my first goal of walking to a lampost. It does take time to build yourself up, so please don't rush. It's taken me 18 months to reach the point where I'm looking at returning to work. I didn't realise just how many different ways the stroke affected me. Be patient & kind with yourself, everyone is different. 


You're doing great to be walking that far so soon!  It took me months to build up to that==a few yards at a time each day.  Now, after 2 3/4 years I am up to 1 1/4 miles a day.  My next goal is 1 1/2, then hopefully 2 miles.  Effort, perserverence and a never-give-up, positive attitude do the trick.smiley My best to you! Love Jeanne

Glad you are doing well I was lucky mine was a mild stroke it's been a month now and my GP said after a phone call that I can drive so been out for a drive today and no problem

Well done - I'm also walking (slowly) around my local par, takes a while to build up confidence.

had a stroke in February and am now back at work but only a couple of hours a day

Nice one! laugh

Thanks hope  all is well with you ?