Movement & dance classes

Hello everyone im very new to the site but i was advised to join. I had a stroke in july last year and they think the reason could be blood clots from covid 19. I was un aware that i had a hole in my heart so thats what caused the stroke. Since then i have had a PFO closure and im getting back to regular fitness. I am a professional dancer in a dance company called Burn the Floor. Myself & our company should have been touring at this time with Kevin Clifton from Strictly but due to the pandemic we are unable writing here because  i feel that my dancing has helped me recover well.. small movements to start and then leading into normal excercises. I realise i am one very lucky lady but i also feel this is what i want to teach.. dance therapy. If anyone would like to tell me their thoughts i would love to hear from you.

lots love xxxxx

I think dancing is great therapy for stroke recovery. The semi structured movement is good for improving stability. I currently do a weekly Zoom dance class and its great. I think it would be a great thing for you to do. 

Brilliant idea!   I would love to join a class like this.

I think that's an excellent idea. I had a bubble study echocardiogram too, but unfortunately no PFO was found, it would have made things simpler for me as far as anxiety goes. We all have that hole but for about 30% of the population, it doesn't close up. Most people live with it without any consequences but I am to believe that it comes down to the shunt of the heart from left to right. Glad you got it closed up. Dance is brilliant, and it also releases dopamine and endorphins that assist with positive brain function. I did dance for three years in high school, it was a wonderful time. My youngest son does dance now, he's seven. I'd say, go for it.