Mobility car

Will I even qualify for one at 70 and how to get one

You can’t claim PIP over state pension age, although if you are already claiming you can continue, You can claim Attendance Allowance, then you will have to fund your own car.

I am waiting for this, the Citroen Ami. I think it will change the way stroke survivors can stay safe on the roads.

@Mickyboy as you’re over pension age you won’t get PIP but do you get an equivalent? My dad had a mobility car over pension age so it must be possible. Citizens Advice will be able to offer help on how this works I’m sure.

Looks interesting, but where does your wheelchair go?

Good grief that’s ugly

:joy: It has become quite the marmite of a vehicle, however, I won’t be driving it down any catwalks!

With a range of 43 miles and a top speed of 28mph it is very limited.

Depends on one’s needs. I’ll be only going down to the shops, and as I normally cycle, I usually travel at half that speed.

@Colliwobble This one is the Citroen Buggy, does this look ugly to you? :grinning: You’re welcome to say it does, but I’ve been seriously thinking about this one. Please, I don’t get offended easily, speak your mind.

Shwmae @Janetb, I also wanted to quip that, indeed, it is a vehicle that is limited, but so am I. :grin:

As you can’t use it on the motorway it wouldn’t be much use to me, but I can see a market for it if you’re just making local journeys.

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Has anyone heard from @Mickyboy. Not seen him post for a while & know he was having a rough time of it. Hope he’s OK x

Hi all been away 5 days in Cornwall beautifully place sun was great sea air went to ededn project, lost garden of heiigan had cream tea cloted cream, vomiting bug hit us but still managed to get out really good for mobility scooter now back reacting knackerd thanks

@Mickyboy glad you managed to get away. Sounds like it was lovely.
Sorry you’ve had this vomiting bug. Hope you’re feeling better now. Hope the fatigue wears off soon x